By Tara Fort

When Alyssa Brandon began working at Brookdale Senior Living straight out of high school, she had no idea that a front desk position would launch into her perfect career. Now, ten years later as Executive Director, Brandon says she can’t imagine being anywhere else. “I come from a long line of educators, but after a while I realized my calling was more and more toward the field of senior living. I feel very lucky to be here.Formerly known as the Peridot, Brookdale Senior Living is one of the largest providers of senior care in the country. Says Brandon, “Brookdale as a company takes care of their associates so that our associates can provide the highest level of care for our residents. Our associate retention is very high, which brings longevity to our team. They come to our community and stay, which provides a caring atmosphere. The longevity of our staff really speaks volumes as to the quality of what we do here.”

The community handles most levels of senior care and is licensed for 102 beds of personal care assisted living in apartments that range in size from 450 to 900 square feet. Every unit has a patio or balcony with spectacular views, including some with a view of Granite Mountain. Brandon states, “We have younger residents with physical limitations who want to live independently, and we have those later in life. We always tell everyone they need to feel comfortable enough to call Brookdale home.” While Brandon is quick to acknowledge that Prescott offers great options for senior living, she knows Brookdale has some unique offerings punctuated by the sense of family and community throughout. She acknowledges, “When we use the word ‘community’, it really is true. Our staff have great relationships with the residents. We know their families and we know what is going on in their lives—and the residents have a great culture amongst themselves. For me, when a new resident says, I’m home’ and they refer to Brookdale as home, we know we’ve done our job.For Brandon, impactful moments come daily. She states, “These moments come when I see our care staff interacting with residents who have been here a long time through the end of their lives. Just that love, dedication and nurturing is what confirms it for me.”

Brandon met her husband when they both worked at Brookdale, and the couple now have two young daughters. Brandon sees her legacy when her daughters, ages 5 and 9, visit Brookdale. “I knew something was right when my older daughter corrected someone in a conversation she heard at school and said, ‘They are not old people, they are seniors!’, which was a product of my working in this field.  And, Brandon knows the best gifts her children receive are the interactions with the residents. “I think of the amazing experiences that my residents have had in their lifetimes that my kids can’t even fathom. Watching my daughter interact with someone who is 100 years old and lived through the Great Depression gives her a greater appreciation for what it means to be an aging adult. My girls don’t know what ‘assisted living’ is but they know that all these people live here, and it’s a great big home where everyone is a part of a greater community.

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