Candles Bring Calm and Comfort, Year-Round

Year-round—and especially now—candles are an “essential business,” bringing calm and comfort with their warm glow and soothing fragrance.

Candles light the way with sincere cheer for birthday celebrations and heartfelt remembrance at somber ceremonies. Candlelight captures moments in our memory so they can last a lifetime. Since 1971, Kent Buttermann and Denise Jenike, as owners of the Armadilla Wax Works, have cherished the idea that their candles—Vanilla Buttercream and Christmas Morning being two all-time favorites—may become part of that special event, part of the family story.

From cowboy poets to schoolteachers, Navajo storytellers to songwriters, people love to hear and see stories and imagine what those moments must have been like. Kent and Denise are no exception. Often, shoppers at Armadilla Wax Works will share a story about the person for whom they’re buying a candle, and Kent and Denise love to listen. Moments like that, along with listening to a shopper play 100-year-old grand piano in the store, make the candle shop a unique place in the community.

When Kent and Denise moved from Tempe to Prescott in 1984, they moved not only family, but also the candle business. Similar to friends of Kent’s parents, who thought they were crazy to move “way out West” from Kentucky in 1959, friends of Kent and Denise thought they were crazy to move away from their original location in old town Tempe.

The store’s first Prescott location was on South Montezuma Street. It needed some work. It so happened that there was a fully stocked small hardware store right next door. The hardware store owner recognized that Kent and Denise were constantly running out of materials during construction. One day he offered them the key to his store, since he had to be out of town for the weekend. He said, “Just write down what you take and we’ll settle up later.”

With that simple act of trust and kindness, Kent and Denise knew they had moved to the right town.

The Armadilla Wax Works offers carefully crafted handmade candles, intoxicating artisan natural soaps, and home décor. Choose a pre-made gift crate, or create your own, and Armadilla Wax Works will ship it for you.

Especially now, Kent and Denise remember and celebrate the greatest story ever told. His parables continue to teach us to be kind, honest and to love thy neighbor. Send a gift from the heart, made by hand, in Prescott Valley.

Visit Armadilla Wax Works at 6689 E. First St. in Prescott Valley. Or shop online for store pick up or to ship: