Photos by Blushing Cactus Photography

Angi is a soulful singer and songwriter whose sounds and words transcend into the hearts and emotions of her listeners. Her voice is raw and honest. She connects with her audience by delivering raw emotion, reaching audience members with joy and sorrow, sadness, and celebration. Angi, a single mother of four, strives to incorporate music into her home in the way it was incorporated into her childhood home. Raised in Scottsdale with ten other siblings, there was always noise around the house–the best of which was music. When Angi left home, she moved to many places like Virginia, the Carolinas, New Orleans, and California collecting experiences and allowing them to shape her sound and her songs. You can hear echoes of her experiences in these places in her soulful self-expression. Angi performs all over the state of Arizona, but especially loves to sing in her hometown of Prescott.

Genre: Jazz / Soul / Funk / Blues / Rock / Bluegrass
Influences: Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald
Venues: Hassayampa Inn, Back Alley Wine Bar, Windsock Cocktail Lounge, Birdcage Saloon, Jersey Lillie’s