By Tara Fort

Arizona Provider Training (APT) has made its mark throughout the state by providing affordable classes and certifications in both English and Spanish that help students land a fulfilling job or further understand and prepare themselves for a current life situation. From school teachers, nurses, daycare center employees, babysitters, human resource employees, and Direct Support Professionals, graduates receive quality training by leaders who connect with the students by preparing them for real-life situations through authentic training and life experiences.

Alison Pattison, founder, and CEO of APT, knew there was a need for exceptional training when she first originated her company. Now serving the Prescott area as well as seven other locations state-wide, the company provides a myriad of classes and flexible training to meet most every schedule. With new courses added often, the curriculum stays current and lively with experienced instructors tailor-made for the classes they teach, including those who are state-certified and approved as required. APT’s mission is to be the “leader in caregiver education by delivering exceptional training, inspiring excellence, positively impacting our community, and transforming lives through education,” and Pattison is confident the training provides a curriculum that accomplishes exactly what its mission states.

Unlike a traditional educational setting, APT students hold full-time jobs or are ready to take their careers to another level by gaining more knowledge. Students of all ages can quickly discover a way to bridge the gap between their work experience and the new training by discussing the relationship between their current jobs and the education they receive from the hands-on settings or online platform. So far, the business has met the needs of close to 1,500 students per month in their classrooms. Pattison says she has seen a new emerging segment of students: family members who suddenly find themselves in a caregiving situation for an elder family member or disabled relative.

Classes at APT range from general topics like dealing with grief, CPR and first aid safety to more specific classes like HIPAA regulations, conflict in the workplace and understanding autism. In January 2020, the center will offer training in the evolving industry of Human Services. These classes will be designed specifically for Human Services Supervisors and the course content will include communication skills, time management, team building, conflict management, diversity in the workplace, and how to be an effective leader.

Those interested in the Human Services Supervisor program or other offerings through Arizona Provider Training can view the schedule online by visiting or calling 480-322-1149