Featured in The Mezzanine Gallery:

“Feeling the Effects: Photo Impressionism Explored”

by Susan Walshe

February 15-March 13, 2017

Please join Susan during the 4th Friday Art Walk reception on February 23rd 5:00-7:00PM

A few words from the artist:

Nineteenth century French artists first gave us Impressionism.   Salons early rejected the visible brush strokes and enhanced color, but this was short-lived.  A new art form was born.  America and the world were next.  “Feeling” rivaled realism for the first time.

Today, photographers have a large tool box.  Editing software can create effects not dreamt of before.  The same principals of original impressionism apply, but with farther-reaching applications.   

I saw a natural segue between the old effects and new;  some simple, some complex, but all worthy of notice.  But simple speaks to me.  I also find desktop editing preferable to in-camera editing.  My favorite effects are solarize and oilify, and the occasional visible pixels.  Adding or taking away light and altering color perception always brings surprises.

Photo Impressionism has captured my heart.  And Prescott is the premier location for my whimsical work.  The ordinary and over-looked catch my eye.  I hope that through my photos, you too will “see more”.

-Susan Walsh