Photos by Blushing Cactus Photography

Autumn Hitson was born and raised in Prescott, and music has always been a big part of her life. Her father and his father are both musicians and have played music for more than 70 years combined, and her parent’s joke she came out of her mother singing rather than crying. Autumn began her singing career at thirteen, performing local gigs with her dad. She has been blessed to perform in front of wonderful live audiences across Arizona and Mexico and to record background vocals on nine songs on a full album. Outside of music, Autumn has many other creative outlets: she’s a sketch artist and is about to launch her first canvas piece for sale. She said, “All in all, I love every form of art and am so happy I get to share that love with the people around me.”

Band: SouthBound
Genre: Country / Rock
Influences: Alternative/Rock artists
Local Venues: The Windsock Lounge, Matt’s Saloon, Montezuma Tavern