Give the gift of confidence: Penelope’s offers permanent cosmetics and a full lineup of hairstyling services

By Hilary Dartt

Penny Clark believes women should uplift one another and make each other feel good.

As the owner of Penelope’s Permanent Cosmetics and Salon Boutique in Prescott, helping women look and feel their best is her business—and her passion.

It’s been her passion since she was in high school, and her mom went to beauty school (and then became a hairdresser).

“I loved it,” Penny said. “I used to study the [makeup in the] magazines. I’d think, ‘How do they do that, how do they get that shape?’”

When she graduated high school, she received a scholarship to beauty school but ended up moving out of state and being unable to use it. Later, though, the beauty industry came into her life again: her mother-in-law ran a permanent cosmetics business.

“I actually learned from her and worked alongside her,” Penny said. “I apprenticed under her. Most people who learn permanent makeup attend a three-day or weeklong school and learn as they go. I was fortunate enough to apprentice. I started with the basics, answering phones, keeping track of customers, and filling out forms. At the same time, I would stand over Barb while she was working on people. She would always tell me how everything worked. Eventually, we put a [second] chair in the same room, and that way I could sit next to her. She would guide me. I was very fortunate.”

Penny earned her esthetician license as well and decided to open a salon offering permanent cosmetics and full hairstyling.

Permanent makeup includes eyebrows (which are the most popular), eyeliner, and lip color. Penny also dyes eyelashes.

So many of her clients tell her they’ve waited a long time to get permanent makeup. Some of them are afraid it will hurt (most people report that with the use of numbing cream, the application of permanent makeup doesn’t hurt), or that makeup won’t turn out the way they imagined (Penny said that’s why it’s important to choose an esthetician who has proper training and referrals and to start with a lighter look if you’re uncertain how a darker look will turn out).

Once her clients do come in, they’re thrilled with the results. They feel like they look good all the time – whether they’re swimming, sweating, or just getting out of bed.

And, Penny said, “When you go to the salon and get your hair done—when they wash it, cut it, and style it, you just feel so good.”

That’s why her tagline is “Beauty becomes you,” she said, because when women feel beautiful, they feel great … and radiate confidence.

The stylists at Penelope’s Permanent Cosmetics and Salon Boutique can create beautiful up ‘dos for holiday parties and events, or simply for a new look in the New Year.

Now, during the holiday season, is a great time to give yourself or a woman in your life the gift of looking—and feeling—good.

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Penelope’s Permanent Cosmetics and Salon Boutique is at 450 W. Goodwin St., Suite 100, in Prescott. Call 928.445.0455 for more information or to make an appointment.