What to Expect at Board & Brush, Your Local Studio Workshop

At Board & Brush Creative Studio, our goal is to turn you into a “DIY master” by educating you to understand and appreciate the beauty of raw materials — the wood, the knots, the color variations, and the simple imperfections — that will make your project unique. Distressing, sanding with the grain, and staining are a few of the important steps we will guide you through to make your personalized wood sign look as though it has been with you for years — like a vintage heirloom.

Hone your own passion for décor & DIY projects; we hand you the tools & direction, you create friendships and craft.

Your Experience

  • A warm and energetic atmosphere. If you are looking for a space where you can relax while embracing your inner DIY master, you have found it at Board & Brush’s wine, paint, and wood sign workshops. No matter which location you visit, you are guaranteed a warm greeting by our friendly staff and a fun and energizing workshop!
  • Let’s sip and paint. Once you arrive, you and your friends will be guided to your seats, where all your supplies will be waiting for you. You can enjoy your favorite drink while gearing up for the night of DIY ahead (some of our studios serve alcohol while others are BYOB, please confirm your studio’s alcohol policy after signing up).
  • Instructor-led DIY. While creating your personalized DIY project, you will gain the experience of distressing the wood, sanding, assembling your boards, and choosing the stain and paint options exactly to your personal preference to match the décor of your home or to give as a gift. Our wonderful instructors and assistants are on hand to lead you through every step, so whether you’re a master craftsman or DIY novice, you’ll create a wood sign that you will be proud to hang in your home for years to come.
  • Personalized farmhouse and vintage designs. We believe “vintage and classic” will always have a place in your home. Our custom stencil process allows you to personalize many designs with your surname, monogram, the year of your special event or the names of your beloved children … the possibilities are endless and design choices are expansive.

Choose Your Workshop

At Board & Brush, we offer a variety of DIY workshops that are sure to spark your creativity!

  • PYP (Pick Your Project)
    Our PYP workshops are a Board & Brush staple. We offer a wide range of personalized wood projects that include signs, trays, coat racks, boxes, and more.
  • Specialty Workshops
    While our wood sign workshops are our signature offering, we have a variety of specialty DIY workshops available. These include doormats, porch planters, backyard games, benches, and more.

For more information about Prescott Board & Brush visit https://boardandbrush.com/prescott/ or contact Bailie Sanders at 928.899.5524 or [email protected]. Located in the Whiskey Row Alley at 156 S. Montezuma Street, Suite D in Prescott.