A Balanced Love for Family, Helping Others and Building Businesses

By Tara Fort

At age 30, Sarah Rainwater, owner of Bend Hot Yoga Prescott, speaks with a seasoned level of business experience beyond her years. She’s interested in others, helpful with her advice, engaging with her connections and insightful when it comes to learning from previous decisions. And now, a passion to bring new products and offerings to Prescott is what drives Rainwater daily. “I love to build businesses and build on ideas. When things start going the way they should, I get anxious, so I start creating new things! A book I read stated if you exercise the level of drive and commitment for business that you started with, you’ll surpass that comfort level to tap into the next level of success.”

In 2012, Rainwater was a practicing yoga student with a big idea. “I saw a void in the Prescott Valley area to open a yoga studio. I already had the passion for yoga, and I wanted to run my own business and build a successful brand by helping people be the best that they can be.” Over the past few years, Rainwater has kept her offerings fresh by listening to clients and making changes that equate to a true respect for the needs of both her clientele and her business. “We run our studio with good decisions and we continue to acknowledge that success. I’ve been blessed to make space in my life for the things that bring about change—expanding our business, having and raising two children under the age of two, and maintaining superior customer service in everything we do. Our goal has been to make everyone feel genuinely valued when they come in, and we do that well. The greatest compliment I received was that I make running a yoga studio seem like a dream, and this really has been a dream.”

Rainwater says she learned lessons early on from her family. “I close out my classes with a quote: ‘With hard work and dedication anything is possible’ – that’s the message I received from my family growing up, and I’ve been able to weave it into the fabric of my businesses.” 2019 will continue to bring much to the fitness community with the opening of a spin studio unparalleled in Prescott with high-energy, high spin, high results-oriented 45-minute classes designed to channel the heart and endure strength. According to Rainwater, these classes will be a ‘party in a spin room’!”

Rainwater credits her husband, Travis, for his support and collaboration. “I love that we can get excited about things together, and that we have like-minded values when it comes to being businessowners. We inspire each other to continually better ourselves, our businesses, our lives and the lives of our children.” The littlest Rainwaters are no strangers to the studio, “These little ‘boss babies’ are always with me! My business allowed me the freedom to be a yoga mother to a toddler and an infant. And I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.”

For upcoming news about Bend Yoga Studio and other offerings, visit www.bendhotyogaprescott.com.