Prescott Woman Magazine interviewed Shawna Rodriguez, Puzzle Rides partner and Puzzle Master. We learned about how much she enjoys sharing our town’s best features with visitors, and how, in doing so, she helps support other local businesses.

PWM: How long have you been a member of the Prescott Downtown Partnership?

Shawna: We’ve been members since 2018, originally as Ride Prescott and now as Puzzle Rides Prescott.

PWM: Tell me a little about what brought you to Prescott and what you do for Puzzle Rides.

Shawna: I have lived in the area my entire life; I was born in Chino Valley. As far as employment, I am the head Puzzle Master for the Prescott location of Puzzle Rides.

PWM: In PDP, what about the organization is different from others in the area, and what do you personally enjoy best about being in the PDP group?

Shawna: Puzzle Rides joined the PDP as we exclusively work in the downtown area, and business owners in that organization have some challenges and situations that aren’t common to other Prescott business owners. We’ve been able to partner with people/businesses who understand the unique benefits and problems that arise from being downtown.

PWM: Do you have family here, kids, other activities?

Shawna: I am number eight out of 11 children and even though we all lived in the area at one point, only one of my brothers is still here. I am married and have three boys, ages 12, 19, and 20. My oldest is in the Marine Corps and my middle is headed to the Air Force! I am not involved in any activities, but my youngest raises livestock to show at the Yavapai County Fair.

PWM: How are you involved in the community?

Shawna: As far as community involvement goes, I love telling out-of-towners all about the downtown area as I take them on our Puzzle Rides. We include other small businesses on the rides and often give recommendations about places to shop and eat.

PWM: What else do you want to add that people might not know about you, or what you do/offer?

Shawna: I love what I do and all the people I’ve met over the past two years. Puzzle Rides is great for so many occasions! We have our traditional rides, perfect for family activities and birthday parties. Our pub crawls are great for girls/guys/date night. We offer large group events for team building and even have holiday/seasonal rides.