Husband-Wife Photography Team Becomes a Couple’s ‘Friends with Cameras’ to Document the Magic of the Wedding Day

By Hilary Dartt

A wedding and reception are full of big moments: the bride walking up the aisle, the exchanging of vows, the kiss, the toasts, the dancing.

But what Jeremiah and Tracy Scheffer hope to capture are “the moments between moments that happen in a split second … those that reflect love, excitement, emotion, and connection.”

The Scheffers, owners of Blushing Cactus Photography, document the reassuring squeeze of a hand during the ceremony, the excited and nervous smile between a couple just before they exchange vows, and that post-ceremony glow as they walk back up the aisle.

Describing their style as photojournalistic, Tracy and Jeremiah consider themselves “a fun, creative, and easygoing team who love people and telling stories with” meaningful images.

“We believe you deserve to have someone document the day who will share in your excitement, and who will use an artful eye to tell your complete love story,” Tracy said.

On the wedding day, Tracy and Jeremiah become a couple’s “friends with cameras,” and capture images that they hope will help a couple remember and feel like they did on the day when they were surrounded by those who meant the most to them.

Their method: to deliver encouragement, positivity, and knowledge to help brides and grooms navigate throughout the day … so each couple receives a gallery of photos that reflect their feelings for one another.

“Just imagine ten years from now, sharing the photos with your children—or many years from now, with your grandchildren—and being able to return to those special moments and reflect on how you felt that day,” Tracy said. “We are here to capture your day and tell your story, so you can be present in the moment.”

Recently married themselves, Tracy and Jeremiah have a sense of what their clients are experiencing and what they want in terms of photos. And, as a two-person team, Tracy and Jeremiah can be in two places at once, photographing brides and grooms separately as they get ready and capturing each special moment from unique angles.

Their work is complementary—because they work and live together, each of them is able to intuit what the other envisions, and make that vision reality.

“It’s these little things that show up as invaluable on a wedding day,” Tracy said. “We feel it is an honor to be included in someone’s special day, and capture a very significant moment in their life.”

In addition to weddings, the Scheffers specialize in music promotion, rodeo, professional football, and magazine photography. They also use their work to give back: through photos, they tell the stories of local nonprofit organizations to help them gain support and keep doing the great work they’re doing.

For more information, visit, or find Blushing Cactus Photography on Instagram @blushingcactus. Email Tracy at