You might have heard the term “economic development” during an introductory class to economics, or maybe in the news, but do you know what it means and how it benefits your community? Economic development stimulates business growth, creates high-paying jobs, and improves the overall quality of life.

This is where the team of the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation (PVEDF) comes into play. Their mission is to diversify and strengthen the region’s economy by focusing their resources on attracting, retaining, and relocating quality companies to the Prescott Valley region.

The Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation is a private, not-for-profit membership organization made up of local citizens, businesses, and government leaders. The foundation works with manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, aerospace/aviation, medical and education companies. Furthermore, PVEDF develops strategic alliances and provides business-to-business networking opportunities between leaders to promote growth in the Prescott Valley region. One of PVEDF’s strongest assets is its partnership with the community.

“Prescott Valley is a great community!” PVEDF Executive Director Mike R. Paredes commented. “A business-friendly local leadership, along with a strong board of directors, allows the organization to be at the forefront in discussions with potential companies.”

All the efforts of the foundation are made possible thanks to the investment from the public and private sectors.

“Challenging times like these demonstrate why it is crucial to concentrate on bringing base jobs to our region and focus on investing in the economic development of our community,” said Leslie Contreras, economic development coordinator of PVEDF.

The team at PVEDF encourages you to view their website to learn more about the organization and, if possible, invest in the foundation.