Dr. Kurt Krupnick’s expertise as an Internist and experience as a Hospitalist physician enables him to provide optimal primary health care to his patients in Prescott.

Dr. Krupnick is offering concierge primary health care. A patient pays a membership fee to be a part of the primary care practice. The fee enables Dr. Krupnick to offer 60-minute appointments with each patient, as well as other benefits.

“I found it difficult to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol all in 15 minutes,” Dr. Krupnick said. “By having longer appointments, the patient doesn’t feel rushed, and I can provide quality care.

“Having a membership-based practice allows us to limit the number of patients,” and that’s what allows the longer office visits, Dr. Krupnick explained. That’s because the annual fee helps cover the time spent on overhead costs such as administrative work, referrals, emails, and prior authorization requests not reimbursed by insurances.

Dr. Krupnick’s concierge services include:

  • A cell phone number for patients to call Dr. Krupnick during after-hours emergencies, thus allowing patients to possibly avoid urgent care and ER facilities where medical providers don’t know the patient. It also allows patients to avoid crowded waiting rooms that can be potentially dangerous these days because of the COVID-19 virus.
  • A partnership with Dr. Krupnick to manage each individual’s health care, including guidance on staying healthy and preventing chronic illness.
  • 60-minute office appointments – visits are unhurried and on time.
  • Annual assessments by Certified Personal Trainer Michelle Fain and Registered Dietitian Katy Kimball. Fain creates exercise plans that focus on each patient’s needs and desires. Kimball reviews patients’ eating habits and offers tips to improve each patient’s health and well-being.
  • Discounted packages for more frequent visits with Fain and Kimball.
  • A private gym with one-on-one training from Fain, avoiding potential COVID-19 exposure at public gyms.
  • Prompt referrals, ordering of diagnostic testing, prescription refills and prior authorizations.
  • Optional visits with Dr. Krupnick’s wife, Family Nurse Practitioner Debbie Krupnick, for female health issues.
  • And a small medical practice that helps patients avoid being around other patients during the pandemic.

For a free meet and greet to see if Dr. Krupnick’s practice is a match for you, call 928-227-2796. The office is located in The Crossings at 3181 Clearwater Drive, Suite B, Prescott.