When spring has sprung, will your garden get up and grow?

As your yard wakes up from its long winter’s nap, it is officially that time of year: the time to dream of green.

To help welcome spring here is some helpful advice from Josh Crothers of Prescott Landscape Professionals: “As we thaw out from winter conditions and move into the warmer days of spring, you’ll want to be sure your plants get the nourishment and water they now require,” he said. “Once the weather has warmed, you can increase your water and safely trim back frostbitten material.”

“As your plants and trees stir back to life and sprout anew, they’ll also need a springtime type of fertilizer to support that new growth. It’s best to ask an expert which type to use, as different plants may require different stimulants.”

He added, “In the delightful climate of the northland, residences can feature anything from alpine landscapes to desert xeriscapes, but each has its own unique needs.”

Prescott Landscape Professionals are experts in the main ingredient that plants need to flourish—water. Irrigation systems should be professionally installed, not only to save water, but also to properly provide the right amount of water each element of your landscape requires.

“All plants are different,” said Travis Williams, landscape expert with Prescott Landscape Professionals. “I pride myself on being known as the ‘Plant Man’ and understand the nutritional needs of the hundreds of plant species that might be growing in your yard today. So, it’s important to have someone who ‘speaks plants’ when it comes to installing or maintaining a good irrigation system.”

If you need help with landscape design, Prescott Landscape Professionals is also the choice of the owners of many of the northland’s most eye-catching yards. Design specialist Bob Vastine can help design the yard of your dreams, and you can preview what it might look like with his special computer-generated program.

“We get pretty darn close to our template designs, and clients love to see how their yards could be transformed before we pitch our first shovel,” Bob said.

Josh is proud of his team of licensed landscaping professionals and considers them to be the very best in the Prescott and surrounding communities. If you’d like to make your home the envy of the neighborhood, trust Prescott Landscape Professionals for everything your yard needs to thrive and welcome the warmth.

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