By Tim Callahan • Photos by A Portrait Park by J

Interior Logic knows the difference between a house and a home.

The experts at Interior Logic have the experience it takes to help put a house together, and the sense of design and style it takes to make it a home.

“We are all about turning expectations into reality,” said Cathy Howden, long time design consultant with Interior Logic, 710 N. Montezuma St. in Prescott.

Interior Logic’s showroom is full of choices for home needs such as flooring, window coverings, countertops, tile for kitchens and baths and more. The showroom is open to the public and works with homeowners and builders on new construction projects as well as residential and commercial remodel projects.

The choices and variety of products and materials in the showroom allows home owners to dream up amazing kitchen designs or the ultimate master bathroom retreat.

For Cathy, one of the most significant things is the additional service customers can receive from the experienced team of design professionals.

Interior Logic has a team of 6 designers on staff and offering designer services can make a big difference on a home project.

“It’s deeper added value,” Cathy says. “Designer time is inclusive and if they come in here, we can help them.”

The experience on staff at Interior Logic is remarkable. Cathy has been helping homeowners at the Montezuma Street location since 2000.

Ron Barrett Branch Manager and Assistant Manager Tai Do have been working together in Prescott for more than 30 years.

“I think we have sustained the economic downturns in the past 30 years because of our team effort in striving for excellent customer service. Our team cares that we have a satisfied home buyer.  Our culture is also very important to us, that we create a passionate environment that allows us to reach our full potential, and Be Remarkable!”….

The design team includes Cathy and Veronica Randall in the main showroom, Aimee Shah and Heather Aringdale who work exclusively with Mandalay Homes, and Pam Conner and Danelle Hernandez who work with Dorn Homes. The team also works with independent home builders as well as professional partnerships with most of the larger home builders with projects across the tri-city area and with Lawler Construction in the Verde Valley areas.

Judie Hale is a local homeowner who purchased a new construction home with Carrington Homes. She worked with Cathy at Interior Logic in 2013 when the home was originally built. Since then, she has gone back in as new ideas for home projects have come along.

“I have kind of wild tastes!” Judie says. “I went into it really excited about the possibilities, and Cathy really took the time to listen to me. She understood what I was talking about and it has really turned out just the way I wanted.”

Judie praised Cathy’s knowledge within the industry and her ability to find unique items and materials.

“We just worked well together,” Judie said. “She’s a great listener and she has a really good eye.”

The team at Interior Logic has clout in the industry because of the professional relationships they have developed over the years, and nearly any material and product is available through their networks.

Mark Seavey is the Project Manager for TDLC Development, a local custom home builder that has been working with Interior Logic for projects in the Talking Rock development north of Prescott.

“I’ve been working with Interior Logic and Cathy for 15 years,” Seavey said. “All of their installers do a great job for our homeowners.”

Seavey says that his clients always like the choices and selections available at the Interior Logic showroom.

“They really like the new showroom, and it’s got a great location,” he said.

Cathy’s experience in the home industry started at a very young age. After graduation from an Orange County Business college, she went to work for a local flooring company. She says she learned the business from the inside out, helping the owner and managers with all aspects of the business.

Upon moving forward from that job, Cathy opted to stay in the flooring industry and continued with sales and design.

Like many in Prescott, Cathy’s local roots run deep. Her grandparents Rose and Mike Mignella moved to Prescott in 1936. Cathy is a Prescott native and her mother, Felice Mignella, graduated from Prescott High School, and later taught at PHS.

Interior Logic has offices across Arizona with headquarters in Phoenix, and additional locations in Tucson and Flagstaff.

For more information about Interior Logic, the design team, products and more please visit The Prescott showroom is open Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 to 5:00, and Saturdays by appointment.  Feel free to call the Prescott showroom at (928) 443-0900.