By Rakini Chinery

A new year and a new decade have begun, and we are excited about the trends for 2020!

The end of 2019 saw a lot of Gatsby-inspired parties and we hope to see some of these amazing elements incorporated into weddings in the upcoming year.


Greenery, which can add fabulous texture to florals, is definitely going to continue to show up throughout entire weddings. Because it comes in every shade, from deep to pale-gray green, and can be shiny, fuzzy, spiky, or soft, it’s a favorite way to bring a whole new dimension to floral designs. Beyond that, some people use only greenery to create big, bold accents for arches, floral walls, table runners, and more.


Thanks to bleaching and dyeing, foliage is also getting a new look. Bleached or dyed ornamental foliage provides a striking contrast to when arranged with flowers. Rainbow colors, metallic treatments, stark bleaching … all of it brings foliage to next-level fabulous!

Wearable floral art

Consider a floral necklace or armband, and take “corsages” to new heights. Ask florists to use a special cold adhesive to apply flowers directly to skin. Blooming Jewelry is totally on trend.

“Deconstructed” arrangements

Blooms are being showcased as deconstructed arrangements, where a variety of vases, each with a single floral element, are clustered together on the table. Think monobotanical for each vase when considering this option. It’s the same concept as deconstructing a dish in cooking to reveal each element in its most essential form.

Up-and-coming color

Color palettes are shifting away from the shades of blush and burgundy. In the new year, we’ll see neo-mint, muted yellow, cantaloupe, true blue, and cassis. Shades and tones of these colors combine into beautiful palettes for weddings. Cassis leads jewel-toned palettes for winter; all shades of blue for Spring; perfect tones and shades of cantaloupe, yellows, and touches of mint for summer, and cassis, yellows, cantaloupe, and a touch of mint for fall.

Vintage-Modern fusion

Gatsby influences will be there in small touches of pearls, rhinestones, and shiny metallic accents … and people will bring in feathers, too. The combination of vintage with the now is definitely going to be a fun element for 2020 weddings. Foliage—like palm fronds, bold calathea leaves, and brilliant green monstera leaf—is a great way to add this element to any wedding.

Going big

We will continue to see brilliant displays of floral walls, hanging floral chandeliers and arch-way pieces.

2020 is going to be a great year and every event will be perfect!

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