Five spring styles to try as the weather warms up

Photos by Earth Below Photography
Jewelry by Down West Company
Clothes can be found at Watson & Willow

Spring is (finally) here! With the change of season comes a switch-up of wardrobe. New trends have arrived with this new season, and I’ve gathered my top five favorites …

Monochrome your outfit! This is my favorite way to experiment with color palette dressing. The biggest rule of thumb for monochrome style is to stick within a few shades of whichever color you are playing with. Challenge: Try this trend with a bright, cheery color!

Experiment with different denim silhouettes. Denim is trending back towards the shapes of the 1990s, but this time with a more modern feel. Switch out your classic skinny jeans for some wide leg jeans, cropped styles, flares, or a straight leg. It might take a few attempts to find the perfect pair, but I have a feeling that once you find a style you love, it will be hard to go back to skinnies!

Mix and match typical feminine styles with a flair of tomboy. All rules fly out the door with this form of style. Now you can mix and match casual wear with dressier options. Think pairing dresses with clogs or tennis shoes! Throw a biker jacket over a silky tank! Pair a crisp tee shirt with a flowy skirt! This is by far my favorite of today’s trends.

Buy vintage. Obviously, this isn’t technically a seasonal trend, but with Earth Day happening April 20, I’d challenge you to go check out some of the amazing vintage shopping Prescott has to offer! Buying one second hand/vintage piece this season is an easy way to reduce your footprint and thank our planet!

Shop local. Speaking of Earth Day, shopping locally is another great way to celebrate this time of year. The local boutiques in town have some amazing pieces, including jewelry and clothing designed and crafted by local artists. Ask the owners for their favorite local picks and why they love them.

Bring on the warmer weather and have more fun with fashion!

Watson & Willow, a women’s clothing shop at 105 E. Gurley St. in Prescott. Learn more at