Expert tips to protect your yard from the cold and prepare it for next Spring

After the summer storms and blazing sun made your landscaping flourish, it is time to transition to cooler months and winter dormancy. Will your yard be ready for the change of seasons? The landscape team at Prescott Landscape Professionals knows just what to do.

Owner Josh Crothers advises, “As we head into the cooler temperatures, you should advance the start time of your irrigation controller and decrease water usage by a third. We also recommend insulating and draining irrigation systems, so they don’t freeze over the colder months. Now is also the time to clean up garden debris and shape shrubs minimally to look good and prepare for frost.”

It’s also a good time to fertilize. Even though your plants and trees are heading toward winter dormancy, they still need a fall/winter fertilizer to nourish them. It’s important to understand how much to use for trees, shrubs and garden beds.

“That’s where we come in,” stated Josh. “You want to make sure it’s done before the ground freezes too.” When your trees go dormant, particularly evergreens, it’s also a great time to get them trimmed so they’re lush and blooming in the Spring.

Trust Prescott Landscape Professionals for everything your yard needs to look its best and survive the cold months ahead.

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