The Importance of Talking About Finances Before Marriage

By Kathleen Nemetz, MBA, CFP®, CDFA™, Certified Financial Planner ™ Practitioner, Stratos Wealth Partners 

Getting married? When planning a legal union, it pays for couples to consider the financial aspects of marriage just as deeply as they do romance.

If you have spent more time shopping for a dress or tux than talking about shared finances, make time now for this discussion. Otherwise, the twists and turns in the financial road ahead may come as a surprise.

Money is a topic often taboo in social conversations. Yet, a decision to team your life with someone else’s entails a necessary discussion about finances. A third-party coach can help couples have this discussion without jeopardizing the relationship.

The reality is that many marriages and romantic partnerships fail. Talking about finances can help a couple avoid money issues causing the relationship’s failure. Here are some sample questions to ask yourselves:

  • Can you talk about money together without one of you shutting down, or becoming embarrassed?
  • Does one of you assume control of financial matters? Or do you both share in paying bills or making financial choices?
  • Do you share views on eventual goals that could include finishing an education, changing jobs, relocating, or having children?
  • Do you both have significant assets, or children from a previous marriage? Have you expressed clarity with each other about priorities going forward?
  • Are both of you ready to disclose your assets and debts, and talk about your plans for financing and managing daily life together?
  • How much can you afford to spend on housing, for example, if your goals include the purchase of a home? Consult with a financial planning professional on household budgets and accounts.
  • How will you manage your credit to qualify for loans? Will you use credit cards? A financial professional can get you on track and help you stay there.
  • How will you manage essential household accounts and retirement accounts? Will you have joint or separate accounts?
  • How will you plan for taxes to avoid potential meltdowns during tax filing season?
  • Will you create spending limits to avoid surprise expenditures or donations?

The answers to these questions can help a couple get on the same page about finances, and avoid unforeseen problems in the future.

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