Past and Current President of the Prescott Chapter of the BYU Management Society: Amazing Women Accomplishing Remarkable Things

By Bruce Kneeland, Communications Volunteer, Brigham Young University Management Society

For the past five years, Jennifer Carter has headed up the Prescott Chapter of the Brigham Young University (BYU) Management Society, and she’s been working on a remarkable mission.

She has led the efforts of a dedicated team of volunteers who have raised money for, and awarded, more than $200,000 in scholarships to local graduating high school students and others.

Jennifer completed her term in June and handed the reins to Katy Kimball, a Williamson Valley mother of four who is no stranger to volunteer work. She’s served with the PTA in several local schools, provided church service, served on the Prescott Unified School District Foundation, and is a founding member of Armed To Know. Jennifer says one of the primary goals of the Prescott Chapter of the BYU Management Society is to foster moral and ethical leadership. One way the chapter does that is by offering scholarships to students from area high schools, technical schools, and home-schools, and even to adults eager to advance their education.

Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of academic achievement, community service, and demonstrated ethics. Applicants complete a formal application process to demonstrate these characteristics; the process includes a written application, a short video statement, and letters of recommendation from at least two adults who know the applicants.

Katy says membership in the BYU Management Society is open to anyone who cares about the Society’s mission regardless of their educational background.  Indeed, she says, she never attended BYU; she earned her degree in Nutrition Science from the University of Arizona. Katy says the Society is a 501 3c not-for-profit organization designed to encourage area residents to advance their education and to be a positive influence in society.

In taking over the Society’s leadership role, Katy says, “Jennifer is one of the most remarkable women I know.  What she has done in leading the Chapter is amazing.”

In leaving her post, Jennifer says, “I love that our scholarship program helps local students further their education. As college costs continue to increase, many students can’t afford higher education. Our chapter’s scholarships open the door for many area residents to further their education.”

Anyone interested in helping the chapter accomplish its mission can learn more and donate at;