Quality of Life Resource Specialists, LLC Offers Support After Life-Changing Diagnoses

By Megan Yakovich

Margo Williams is a big believer in women supporting and uplifting women.

The former Ombudsman for the state of Arizona and owner and CEO of Quality of Life Resource Specialists, LLC, recently recalled the first time she ever picked up a Prescott Woman magazine.

“I remember picking it up over ten years ago,” she said during a recent interview, “and as I read, I could see how this was a magazine focused on women supporting other women in their businesses, professions, passions, families, and life journeys. It moved me to my core. We all have a unique way to serve, with a common desire to help those in need.”

It was that desire to help others that led Margo to a lifetime of service in the medical field.

When she learned her maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at age 63, Margo’s extensive medical background helped prepare her for the road ahead. But when her mom received the same diagnosis in 2016, the heartbreak became unspeakable.

“I remember a surreal feeling washing over me,” Margo said. “As difficult as it was, I knew right then that it was time to take the compassion, love, and strength my mom bestowed on me, and bundle the energy of it every single morning to help ease this tough journey for others.”

With that, Margo took her more than 30 years in healthcare coordination and advocacy (specializing in hospice/dementia/Alzheimer’s care) and founded Quality of Life Resource Specialists, LLC.

Committed to “easing the uneasiness” that comes with a health diagnoses like Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Margo has built a top-notch, supportive, compassionate, professional team dedicated to helping others live their highest quality of life.

“We each have a story. We are all warriors fighting battles. No one has to walk their journey alone,” Margo said.

Quality of Life Resource Specialists, LLC offers a variety of services to individuals facing a serious diagnosis and their families/caregivers. They provide referrals to an elite team of specialists—top professionals in all areas of healthcare, including primary care physicians, neurologists, elder care attorneys, and personal assistants—as well as to assisted living facilities, rehab hospitals, and skilled nursing homes. They impart guidance in hospice and palliative care, as well as dementia/Alzheimer’s, and coordinate personal and medical care, including transportation and support during doctor consultations.

As the demand for Margo’s services grew, she decided it was time to add to her team. Her first choice: Pam Boland—colleague, trusted friend, and “soul sister.” Well-known and respected in the community, Pam (previous owner of High Dessert Delivery, LLC) was the perfect addition. “Pam shares my commitment to serve,” Margo said. “We also have a bond of unshakable faith, and I knew this connection was from a greater Source! To say Pam goes ‘above and beyond’ for those in need is an understatement. I am so thankful for her light.”

Proud of her team’s combined knowledge, background, resources, and integrity, Margo said, “We can make all the difference to individuals and families who need not walk alone during these challenges.”

If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis (of any kind) that has left you feeling unsure of what to do or where to turn, reach out for a free in-home assessment to determine how Quality of Life Resource Specialists, LLC can support you in getting the best possible care.

“We understand how difficult it is to ask for help … to be vulnerable and depend on others … to open your home to a stranger and trust that you are being led with respect and integrity. There isn’t a single person on my team who I wouldn’t trust with my own mom. We’re here, just on the other side of that phone call.”

To schedule a free in-home consultation, call 928.308.4450.