The weather is cooling off and your social calendar is heating up: here’s how to ensure your tresses shine all season long

It is that time of year! Once again, our calendars start to fill up with holiday parties and events with family and friends! After a long, hot summer filled with outdoor activities, the weather is cooling off—and now is the time to prepare your hair, not only for chillier temperatures, but also for all the impending party styling.

In addition to gathering with loved ones, holiday parties bring the excitement of added “fun flare” for your hair. This may mean more flat irons and curling irons, and more blow-drying, too.

To keep heat-styling-related damage to a minimum, consider using dry shampoo and conditioner, which can revive your existing style and get you out the door.

One of our go-to treatments: an at-home deep conditioning treatment. Making the right choice for your hair type can be overwhelming, so ask your professional stylist to analyze your hair and help choose one that is a good match for you. Some of my favorites are L’anza Moi Moi Mask and Amika Kure, which can be used as often as needed without build-up.

Thankfully, this year’s trends tend toward sleeker, more tailored looks. Simple is good, with a splash of accessories to add sparkle. This look can mean you’re using more product, so be sure to cleanse appropriately (for a balance of cleanliness and moisture) with the correct shampoo and conditioner.

Changing your hair products to fit the season is essential when it comes to keeping your locks in the best possible condition.

Enjoy this upcoming holiday season!

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