Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity Strives to Create More Affordable Quality Housing, so Families and the Community Can Flourish

By Alyce Ayers, Director Community Relations and Special Events

“Home should be a source of happiness and hope.  Home should offer a safe and stable environment.  Home should help, not hinder, a person’s ability to thrive.” – Shaun Donovan, former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Do you have a decent, safe, and affordable place to live?

Many do not. Families living in substandard and deteriorating housing conditions are in every community. It’s a real and ever-growing problem. Those living in poor conditions are exposed to greater personal and environmental health risks, are less well-nourished and have a higher risk of illness and disability.

Families paying too high a percentage of their income for housing often find themselves forced to make impossible choices and trade-offs just to make it through the month: Rent or healthcare? Food or transportation?

They often work two (and sometimes three) jobs, feel forced to cut back on healthcare or healthy food, or moving to less safe neighborhoods. Frequent moves, overcrowding and possible eviction create stress, depression and hopelessness for too many.  The family’s wellbeing and children’s development are compromised. Living conditions can play a significant role in a child’s educational opportunities and achievements.  Even though a family has a roof over their heads doesn’t mean it’s a decent, safe, healthy or affordable place for them to live.

The bottom line: communities need more affordable quality housing.

Enter Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity 501(C)(3) … a hand up, not a hand out.

We work with families to help them acquire the skills and financial education necessary for them to be successful homeowners.

We know that a decent, affordable place to live can create a situation where families can flourish. Homeowners can put down roots, save more, invest in education, live healthier, pursue opportunities, and have more financial stability. Stable households are foundational to child development and growth.  The lives of families can transform.

We witness tangible evidence that decent, affordable shelter creates long-lasting impact on not only the families but the communities in which they live.

Through Habitat for Humanity, there are no free houses.  Applicants are screened thoroughly and must have a steady income. Once accepted into our program, they agree to partner with us by completing sweat equity hours and attend classes on finances and other important life skills.  They earn the right to a 30-year, no-interest mortgage on an energy-efficient, simple, decent, and affordable home where they gather and grow as a family.

If you have a safe, decent and affordable place to live, you are blessed.  If you are interested in changing lives and helping others to have the same, we have plenty of opportunities.  Join us through volunteering on a committee (several to choose from), special events, fundraising, the ReStore and office work.  Monetary, tax credit and ReStore donations are greatly appreciated.

To volunteer or to make donations of land, houses, mobile homes etc., please contact PAHH directly at 928.445.8003 Ext 15.