“The Big City DJ in Prescott,” telling a new story at every event

With a desire to travel between genres and tell a new story at every event, DJ FREELY—a professional DJ with more than eight years of experience—has moved to Prescott from the Los Angeles area. Prescott Woman Magazine recently sat down with DJ FREELY to chat about his passions, the industry, and what makes him different.

PW: What made you interested in being a DJ?

ER: Growing up in the Phoenix area, my friends and I used to throw parties in high school. My experience at these parties was that I would be “couched or parked” next to the CD player. This was in the 90s and we weren’t  playing playlists and ipods…this was a five-disc CD changer. Ha! Everyone enjoyed the music I played.

PW: How did you get started as a professional?

ER: After high school, I moved to Southern California, and I realized I had this gift of music. My desire to perform sprouted. I started spinning vinyl records at my house. My career began after a local DJ contacted me to cover for him. It was a dream to use my love for music, to receive people’s enjoyment, and to be able to support myself. It was just a magical combination for me.

PW: What makes you different as a DJ?

ER:  What makes me stand out is that I have this ultimate goal to bring to Prescott something Prescott has never seen before … this vibe and a really cutting-edge experience. I am always searching for the freshest and most current music. As a DJ, the constant need for new materials keeps my sets so leading edge that people will have a new experience. It’s something they’ve never heard. As I’ve checked out Prescott’s music scene, I’ve had the sense that it’s just a little bit behind the times, and I feel like the way I strive to stay fresh, and bring that to my performances, is unique.

PW: What has your professional experience taught you?

ER: I have performed for so many different people, and at so many different types of events, from corporate events to store grand openings to weddings to dance clubs to restaurants and lounges. This varied experience has given me the ability to read people and their energy and their response to different musical choices I make.

PW: What variety of music do you play?

ER: My sets are very diversified. I find that when I am performing live there is more than one type of person there and in order to ensure everyone has a good time my music needs to span genres. It needs to go from Oldies to Motown, from Hip Hop to Dance to Electronic to Pop and Alternative music. My time in the booth in big city environments gives me the ability to pull from all different genres.

PW: Are you going to participate in the Prescott Bridal Affaire Expo 2019?

ER: Yes! Meet me on March 3 at the Hassayampa Inn.

For more information, contact Emiliano Ramos at 928.925.9419 or djfreelyaz@gmail.com, or follow him on Instagram @djfreely.