Women don’t have to suffer in silence; changes in gynecologic health are normal, and help is available

By Melinda Martin, MD, OB-GYN

“It” refers to changes in gynecologic health and it happens to many women as they age. Millions of women may be suffering in silence because of these changes. But help is available.

In my obstetrical and gynecology practice, my Nurse Practitioner, Brandie Rogers, and I hear a lot about menopausal issues including no sex drive, decreased sensation, painful intercourse, and incontinence, just to name a few.

There have been advances in hormonal and non-hormonal treatments that offer new options in treatment compared to what was offered to women a generation ago. We try to provide support and resources that demystify the process so women can navigate through this stage of life more easily, as we spend half of our life in perimenopause and menopause. To help many women who suffer with vaginal dryness or discomfort which frequently occurs after childbirth and/or menopause, we offer a simple, proven laser device for use in gynecologic health.

The MonaLisa Touch is a device for gynecologic use that delivers laser energy to tissue. This is followed by the body’s natural healing response. More than 90% of women who have undergone this treatment have had excellent results; not only did they report improvement with pain and lubrication, but also with incontinence.

It also has helped many with Lichen Sclerosis, a skin condition that affects many post-menopausal women.  Breast cancer survivors who may need to avoid hormonal treatment have had great success with the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment as it was invented in Italy for use in breast cancer survivors and contains no hormones or other medication.

For women who are experiencing little to no orgasm during sexual intercourse, we also offer the Intimacy Shot. The Intimacy Shot is not a drug or medication but uses your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is obtained with a simple blood draw. The growth factors in the PRP solution are then injected into the clitoral and vaginal areas.  Combined with the MonaLisa Touch treatment, most patients experience a much healthier, fulfilling intimate experience.

Both procedures are performed in our office by myself and my Nurse Practitioner during a routine appointment.  Most patients are back to their normal routines the next day with little to no side effects and no downtime.

To schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss how these procedures can meet your individual needs, call my office (Melinda Martin, MD) at 928.777.0070.