Local photographer hopes to inspire women to love themselves

Prescott Woman Magazine chatted with Amy Martell, a businesswoman, single mother, and supporter of woman empowerment to find out what makes her enjoy Prescott and everything it has to offer. 

PWM: How long have you lived in Prescott?

Amy: 3 years


PWM: Why did you choose Prescott as your home?

Amy: I used to visit Prescott for day trips when I wanted to get out of town. To be honest it always felt like home, and it finally made sense to just make the move. I bought a house last year and have no plans on leaving.


PWM: What’s your occupation?

Amy: I’ve been a photographer for thirteen years. Weddings and portraits mostly. As a single mom, I find myself with side jobs too, so I’ve done a lot of things over the years.


PWM: Any hobbies?

Amy: Hiking, kayaking, houseplants, and anything artistic!


PWM: How old are your kids?

Amy: I have three beautiful children; they’re twelve, six, and three.


PWM: What is your favorite thing about living in the Prescott area?

Amy: I love that it still has some small-town charm, people wave when you walk past, so many awesome local businesses, and my kids love the square!


PWM: How do you think Prescott enhances your occupation and hobbies?

Amy: Oh, it’s perfect, honestly. The mild weather is the biggest factor. I’m able to be outdoors a lot! I do most of my photoshoots outside, and we have the most beautiful variety of scenery to work with. I also love being able to drive five or ten minutes to a lake or mountain where I can spend the sunrise.


PWM: Are you working on anything new or exciting for the upcoming year?

Amy: I am hoping to focus my year on boudoir photography, or just overall empowering shoots for women! I have found so much freedom in loving myself and hope to help other women do the same.


PWM: If you could contribute to anything in the Prescott area (in terms of giving back, such as serving the teen population, helping people who struggle with homelessness, etc.), what would it be and why?

Amy: I have so many things that come to mind! But mostly, I want this to be a safe and open place for everyone, especially my LGBTQ+ and Black friends. I want to educate my neighbors, family members, and coworkers to make our city better for everyone.

Contact Amy at AmyMartellPhotos@gmail.com, or follow her on Instagram to learn more: www.Instagram.com/amymartellphotography