By Tara Fort

For Kelli Bradstreet, Director of Instructional Support at Prescott Unified School District (PUSD), being a part of the District means being a part of the heart of the community. Says Bradstreet, “PUSD is more than just an educational institution, we are part of the family that has each other’s backs.”  No newcomer to the District, Bradstreet has served the community through PUSD for 34 years. She began her career as an English teacher at Prescott High School for 27 years, and later became Instructional Coach before her most recent position that she has held for the past six years.

Bradstreet shares the foundation and commitment with her fellow district employees toward bettering a greater cause—one that allowed PUSD to respond proactively to the COVID crisis that was facing the world at the time of this writing. She says, “PUSD adapted very quickly to a new model of education during COVID.  We were primed to make this change. For the last six years we have committed ourselves to becoming a technology integrated district. We have been providing our students and staff the skills and tools necessary to be prepared for digital-age challenges and opportunities. As a result, we were prepared to reinvent the way we delivered content to our students, continuing our support of Every Child, Every Day.”  With remote communication and instruction occupying the remainder of the school year, Bradstreet says, “I am learning as fast as I can about ways to enhance distance learning so that I can help build teacher capacity.”

As the district director responsible for enhancing teacher effectiveness and school improvement, Bradstreet’s current role allows her to interact with other educators to create the best versions of themselves—the part of her job she asserts as her favorite. “On the days we set aside for teachers to work with one another I have the privilege of watching how they transfer their passion into their curriculum in order to do what is best for PUSD students.” Bradstreet also enjoys being a part of the teacher inductions and orientations at the beginning of each school year and says, “When our leaders and instructional Coaches present what PUSD is all about, I feel so proud to be a part of it all.” PUSD Superintendent Joe Howard knows the value Bradstreet brings to his team and states, “Back in my day, we used to call people who could ride a bike on a trail really well a ‘shredder’.  Kelli is a shredder on a bike, a trail, a court, or in a meeting room. I think she’s great at anything she puts her mind to because she knows what it takes to work hard and win.  For our organization, that’s a great thing for instruction.”

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