By Tara Fort

With a career that spans locations throughout the United States, Kira Gill’s contributions to the medical aesthetic industry brought her to Prescott four years ago.  Now, a leader in the community who—along with her credentialed and successful staff—provides customized spa and medical aesthetic treatments to enhance everyone’s features from head to toe, Gill continues to help others look and feel their very best.  Owner of the Laserium MedSpa at Prescott Gateway Mall, Gill and her staff offer solution-based treatments and enhancements for those who want to ready themselves for summer, or for any event during the year.

Gill explains that many treatments go hand in hand and that she sees a wide variety of treatments among her clients, although they often seek solutions for hair removal and Laser Hair restoration, teeth whitening, spot and blemish eradication, and body contouring. With all the options for med spas in Arizona and increasingly around Prescott, Laserium MedSpa prides itself in differentiating itself from others through education. Gill states, “We educate our patients about individual treatments and offer full free consultations and materials relating to the treatments customized to an individual’s needs. We explain procedures and answer questions to prepare our clients for the treatments that will be the best option for the individualized specific needs.”

Gill received her training in Naples, Florida in 2000 and has since treated clients in five locations in Canada, two locations in Dallas and now Prescott. The Prescott location sees men and women ages 16 to 60 and specializes in treatments for VeloShape, Photo Facials, Lipo Laser, Re-firm Wrinkle Reduction, Photon Masks and Microdermabrasion, while offering a host of other laser-based options. Their treatment protocols are unique to Laserium and have been known to produce maximum results. Gill’s passion for helping others feel great about their bodies and appearances is what drives her calling, “I take personal care of every one of my patients, and I consider my biggest asset to be my passion and my goal for personal enhancement. I want my patients to look good so that they can feel great all the time!”

A Taekwondo Black Belt, Gill loves to run every morning with her two German Shepherds, and enjoys reading, painting and cooking outside of the spa environment. Raising an active family, Gill is also a contributor in the business community through her past involvement on the ERAU Parent Advisory Board, and currently with the Prescott Chamber of Commerce.

Laserium MedSpa offers a Word of Mouth referral program that offers $50 off a treatment to the referring client and the new client, and promotes seasonal specials all year long. To explore options that will make you look and feel great for the summer season or an upcoming event, visit Laserium MedSpa at the Prescott Gateway Mall, or