By Tara Fort

Director of Community and Public Relations with Findlay Auto Group, Liberty Casarez, offers some important information about the car industry, as well as her car-buying tips for 2023.  Casarez, who has been employed with Findlay for eight years says, “In recent years, we’ve had to encounter changes like many businesses, and 2023 will still come with its own set of challenges. The good news, however, is that we will see an increase in new car production along with the introduction of more EV models for sale.  At Findlay, we have always focused on our community and our guests, and the coming years will bring exceptionally exciting times for watching our industry evolve.”  Casarez is proud of the relationships that Findlay has cultivated with its lenders and says “Our financing programs are amazing due to the size of our group and the volume of sales. We have access to dozens of lenders who we use to source competitive market rates for our customers.”  Recognizing that consumers have a multitude of choices at their fingertips, Casarez adds, “We value our local community and know that people can buy a car anywhere. We appreciate the opportunity to give locals our preferred pricing. We offer an exclusive concierge program in which many of our local businesses participate, which offers a fixed pricing structure as well as pick-up and delivery when vehicles need service.”

Gathering up some of her best tips for 2023, Casarez offers some advice that may be surprising and unconventional!  Here is what she wants to share with community members and consumers:

  • Don’t get intimidated by the internet’s credit scores. Says Casarez, “So many people focus on the number calculated on the 3rd party sites which may present a wrong impression.  Many people qualify for more than they think, and that’s where Findlay can help.  Let us be a resource to get you to where you want to be.”
  • If you don’t think anyone would want your ‘trade-in’, think again! Casarez says, “You never know!  We can sometimes surprise you with how some trades will help you get into your next vehicle.”
  • Take the time to support local. Casarez concludes, “We take care of our teams, our guests and our community to provide the positive experience that everyone deserves. We are patient in finding out how we can best meet your needs, and our primary goal is to match you with a vehicle that you will love—and we love doing it!  If we do our job right, we will earn your business and—more importantly—make a new friend!”

For more information about Liberty Casarez and Findlay Auto Group visit, call or search: 3200 Willow Creek Road, Prescott AZ; 928-443-8300;