Local personal trainer strives to help clients experience all the benefits of exercise

By Hilary Dartt

Certified Personal Trainer Michelle Fain loves the way she feels when she works out—and she enjoys nothing more than sharing that feeling with her clients at Sirius Health and Wellness, LLC in Prescott.

“I like staying in shape and staying healthy,” Michelle said during a recent interview. “And I also like the endorphins and all that comes with a good workout.”

She has always enjoyed being athletic: as a competitive gymnast, she attended Arizona State University on a full-ride scholarship, and continued coaching, off and on, until she and her husband, Brad Fain, started their family.

Motherhood took center stage in Michelle’s life until six years ago, when she pursued her certification as a personal trainer.

“I always wanted to be a personal trainer,” she said, “but I didn’t go that direction until my kids were old enough that I could do it while they were in school.”

Now, it’s her profession to help her clients enjoy the benefits of exercise as much as she does.

“My favorite part is watching my clients’ progress, especially in the beginning,” she said. “It’s so rapid. I love seeing people improve and get stronger, and watching their confidence grow.”

Countless scientific studies have shown that the results Michelle mentioned are just a few among countless benefits of working with a personal trainer.

According to the American Council on Exercise’s (ACE) article, “Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer,” “hiring a personal trainer could be one of the best investments you can make in your overall health and well-being.”

In addition to providing motivation and consistency in a busy schedule, personal trainers can give their clients clarity as they sift through the Internet’s overabundance of information related to diet and exercise, the ACE article stated.

Plus, in many cases, personal trainers help their clients avoid injury and increase their confidence—and they make exercise fun.

One more benefit, according to the ACE article: aging gracefully.

Michelle, who is certified as a Senior Fitness Specialist, said that staying in shape is critical as people age, in terms of remaining independent, maintaining balance and agility, and being able to lift objects, open things, and just stay active.

“You can get stronger and gain muscle mass at any age,” she said, “even if you’ve never been active.”

While some of Michelle’s clients are nervous before their first appointment, or admit that they considered canceling, they almost always end their sessions feeling glad they came.

In addition to exercise, Michelle said, personal training gives people accountability, education about proper form, and better overall health (in terms of cardiovascular health and musculature) and body composition.

It’s also shown to encourage people to push themselves harder.

Advocating a healthy lifestyle—not a quick-fix or extreme diet—Michelle said Sirius Health and Wellness, LLC offers personal training programs that combine exercise and work with a registered dietician.

Sirius Health and Wellness, LLC has its own private gym and offers several different health and wellness services, including a 12-week “Get Fit, Get Healthy” program.

It’s located at The Crossings: 3181 Clearwater Drive, Suite B in Prescott. Call 928.515.1755 for more information.

5 Tips to Incorporate Activity into Daily Life

Sirius Health and Wellness, LLC Certified Personal Trainer Michelle Fain offered the following tips for incorporating more activity into daily life:

Take the stairs, if you can.

Don’t take the closest parking spot.

Create exercise habits. For example, go for a walk every morning upon waking, after eating lunch, or every evening after dinner.

Do what you enjoy. Play tennis, hike, or dance. No marathon-running or long-distance swims necessary (unless you enjoy them!).

Even if you don’t exercise today, think about a time when you could have fit exercise into your day. For example, could you have walked laps around the field at your daughter’s soccer practice, or gone for a quick walk after that afternoon appointment or before cooking dinner?

Michelle noted that it’s important to increase heart rate when exercising (a slow, leisurely stroll isn’t as beneficial as a brisk walk!), and to increase activity levels in increments rather than all at once.