Dusty & Dee Spitler have called Yavapai County home for 20 years. Along with helping people hear better, Dusty’s passion is all things animal.  After a near-fatal horse riding accident, Dusty got involved in riding safety and education.  She is a member of The Granite Mountain Riders and Backcountry Horsemen.

Dusty networks with other animal lovers/rescuers and has fostered over 50 dogs, helping them find their forever homes.  She is involved in non-profits such as Circle L Ranch Rescue, United Animal Friends, and Best Friends Sanctuary.  During the Yarnell Fire, the Spitlers helped care for 80 displaced pets evacuated from their homes.

Dee (Dewey) is involved in Boys-To-Men Mentoring for local teenage boys, and is a certified leader for The Mankind Project, an international leadership and personal development program for men.

In 2013, the Spitlers were looking to start a new business that would help others.  Both Dee’s parents were looking to remain active, both physically and mentally, as they aged.  Both parents needed hearing aids.  While Dee researched providers on their behalf, he realized the need for a good service in our area.  About that time, a small manufacturer in Arizona was offering franchises.  Dusty started the training and was licensed by the Arizona Health Department as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Dusty has her Bachelor Degree in Business, and is a member of the International Hearing Association, the American Tinnitus Association and Hearing Healthcare Providers of Arizona.

With a successful five years in Prescott, to ensure long term service and commitment for their patients, the Spitlers began researching other manufacturers.  They learned “The Big Six” manufacturers, such as Starkey and Seimens, have been around for over 50 years, their research and development is state-of-the-art, and the technology and quality assurance is head and shoulders above their previous experience.

In April of 2017, the franchise relationship with Zounds ended by mutual satisfaction of both parties.  This allowed the Spitlers, as independents, to offer the most advanced technology available. One manufacturer stood out. The Starkey Hearing Foundation, through donations from people such as Larry Fitzgerald, Alice Cooper, and many others, provide hearing aids to thousands of people around the world, including our veterans.  With the Spitlers’ passion for helping others, Starkey was a natural fit with their shared missions.

State-of-the-art hearing aids, along with a great provider, enhance your quality of life dramatically.  One secret to aging well is keeping your brain active with good hearing.  Do something for yourself and your loved ones.  Stop and visit A2Z Hearing today.

For more information about A2Z Hearing visit their office at 1781 E. Hwy69, Suite 65 in Prescott or 2855 W. Hwy 89A in Sedona; call (928) 227-0665; or visit www.A2ZHearing.com.