Prescott Unified School District’s Christina Tymchak strives to offer flexibility for students who need it

By Tara Fort

For Christina Tymchak, Director of Online Learning at Prescott Unified School District (PUSD), her new role may not have evolved without the challenges faced in 2020.  PUSD now offers online learning as an option and, while it may not be for everyone, Christina said she is pleased that it is offered to students who feel they would benefit.

She said, “Students join our online program for different reasons—it could be due to illness of the student or a family member, or the need to work around a competitive sports schedule or part-time job.”

“Through its offerings,” she added, “our online program can be a student’s source of academic flexibility when it is needed most. I love that we are able to offer fully online schedules for students in K through 12, as well as hybrid schedules for students in grades seven through 12. Hybrid scheduling allows students to take some of their classes online and some of their classes in person.”

An educator with PUSD since 2015, Christina taught second grade at Abia Judd for seven years, and completed her master’s degree in Educational Administration in 2020. The Director of Online Learning is a new position to the District; the need for its components of flexibility and credibility is more prominent than ever before.


Christina said, “The original director of the PUSD Everywhere program, Rachel Chunglo, did a wonderful job developing the foundation for the online program that lives on today. I now have the privilege of maintaining the program that was started, while continuing to develop the program to meet the diverse needs of our online students.”

PUSD is a district small enough to make meaningful connections, Christina said, while also being large enough to have the power and support necessary to help students achieve their goals.  She added, “PUSD has just the right amount of tradition and innovation–we are able to preserve the characteristics that make PUSD so special, while also being open-minded and constantly challenging ourselves as a district to be better.”

When not working, Christina enjoys spending time with her family in Prescott. In addition, she likes to bake, do art projects, and experience all of the outdoor beauty Prescott has to offer. Lastly, Christina was a member of her elementary school choir, and performed with a jazz acapella group in high school and University Singers in college. She still loves music to this day. “I encourage everyone to find a hobby they truly enjoy and that brings happiness to their lives!” she said.

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