Mercedes Ogden spends her days on her family’s hobby farm, raising her free-spirited daughter and writing all things creepy and kooky. She enjoys researching her family history and letting her imagination weave wild tales with what he uncovers. She believes that her bet fictional tales are made through real-life experiences. Her debut novel, The Gathering of the Clouds, was a labor of love consisting of many years of research and work. With the original story concept coming from her late grandfather, Mercedes built a world around a title and main character. Many discarded drafts and family interviews later, the Sci-Fi Adventure Clouds was born. It’s woven together by true tidbits of her family history, including but not limited to Ham Radio call signs used by her grandfather and great-grandfather in more than 70 years of conversations.

The Gathering of the Clouds is an adventure that speaks to your inner conspiracist. It blends the darkest moments with glimpses of humor from sassy characters ready to take on the universe.

Be on the lookout for Mercedes Ogden’s next novel, Line of Kings, soon to be released.

The Gathering of the Clouds can be purchased online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, and other online stores.