Local business owner chooses Prescott as home—and gives back to the community she loves

By Katie Chatham

They say great things come in small packages.

Giana Maiolo, owner of Prescott Print Co. and Bramasole Tanning Salon and Boutique, is the personification of that saying. At 4’11”, her personality. Is big and her ideas are even bigger.

Throughout her life, Gianna has had the privilege of living in many states and countries. She grew up in a missionary family and traveled the world: she was born in the Philippines and has lived in places like Australia, South Africa, Italy, Argentina, New Mexico, and Colorado.

After marrying young and then getting divorced, Gianna sought the comfort of the family and moved to Prescott. The community she found here is what inspired her to plant her feet and set roots in Prescott.

While waiting for her cosmetology license to transfer from Colorado to Arizona, Gianna began working at Bramasole Tanning Salon and Boutique.

When she heard the owners wanted to retire, she joked that they should sell the business to her. In late 2016, that joke became a reality: she spent a few months learning the business, and in December of 2016, they handed over the reins and the store was hers.

“We were closed for the Christmas holiday, and when January 2017 began, so did my new journey,” Gianna said.

One of her favorite things about Bramasole, she said, is that it offers a different approach to tanning.

“From our tanning expertise to our skincare products, we want to offer options and education that better your tanning experience and keep your skin looking as healthy as possible,” she said.

The salon has a variety of beds that offer a range of benefits. The red-light therapy bed improves collagen production and muscle recovery and the beds with lower-wattage bulbs help with psoriasis and eczema.

“I feel like vitamin D absorption and tan skin are actually the bonus to all the other benefits,” Gianna said, laughing. “Plus, we have a boutique.”

Gianna has carefully cultivated the boutique, which features a selection of unique and affordable clothing (which have driven the boutique’s success), bath and body products, and accessories.

“I love everything in the boutique, and I want to be able to offer more of what I love to everyone,” she said, adding that she’s planning to expand to add a wider variety of styles.

Along with Gianna’s incredible business mindset, she also has a talent for photography, which she put to use as a sports photographer for the Black Sheep Rugby Club. This initially led Gianna to open Prescott Print Co.

“The team kept expressing frustration over not being able to get small orders of team apparel,” she said, “so I decided I would bridge that gap and offer graphics and designs for businesses and teams locally, and in quantities that made sense for them.”

Prescott Print Co. was born.

Through the print shop, Gianna has been a huge support locally. She recently partnered with the owner of Black Butterfly Artisan Chocolates, Tracy Taylor, to spearhead the “Here to Stay” campaign, a response to many businesses being shut down as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the campaign, local businesses sell shirts that feature their logos and the “Here to Stay” branded logo. Half of the proceeds from the shirt sales go to the business, and half cover costs and expenses.

“This has been such an amazing way to see our community come together and support one another,” Gianna said. “That, really, is the community that brought me to and keeps me in Prescott.”

To learn more about Bramasole, visit www.bramasolesalon.com or call 928.541.9190. To learn more about Prescott Print Co. visit www.prescottprintco.com or call 928.485.1883.