A Secure—And Beautiful—Option for Ensuring Your Home is Secure

By Megan Yakovich

For the past twelve and-a-half years, Rob and Shaw Hudson (a husband-and-wife team and co-owners of Prestige Security Doors) have been helping keep Arizona families safe with the world’s strongest, most beautiful, hand-crafted and custom-built security doors.

“The front door is often a burglar’s first choice for accessing a home,” Rob said during a recent interview. “Kicking it in is a relatively easy task since most exterior doors swing inward. The only thing securing the door is a tiny piece of wood directly behind the lock that is very easy to break.”

The Guardian security door takes the following measures to help prevent break-ins:

The screen. Typical door screens are not built for security, so multiple bars are placed over them. But according to Rob, “You don’t need bars to be secure.” The Guardian utilizes a custom-made security screen that is so strong, it can handle virtually anything (pushing, pulling, kicking, poking, animal scratching, etc.) without tearing or pulling away from the door. Made of a woven stainless-steel mesh, the Guardian screen is burglar-, bug-, and pet-proof, without impeding vision or airflow.

The steel. The entire door (including the frame) is made with heavy, sixteen-gauge steel versus commonly used aluminum, making it a stronger and more durable barrier. This construction makes it nearly impossible for an intruder to bend the door off of the house to get in. With a baked-on powder coat finish, it is also resistant to rust, scratching, fading, and chipping.

The solid brass deadbolt. In the past, keyed locks required a key to get in and out. But in an emergency situation, every second matter. That’s why the Guardian door is designed around a solid-brass, thumb-turn deadbolt lock that opens instantly from the inside. From the outside, the door is keyed to match the homeowner’s house key.

The hinges. Made with a steel body and internal brass pin that cannot be removed, the hinges are welded to the door and frame preventing the door from being lifted off the hinges or removed.

The frame. Mounted on a steel frame, and swinging away from the house instead of in, the Guardian cannot be kicked in.

As fall approaches, many families choose to open their front door and windows to enjoy the cooler weather. With a Guardian door by Prestige, you can rest assured that your home, pets, and loved ones are protected.

“I feel safer with my Guardian door closed and locked than I do with my regular, wooden door,” Rob said.

For more information, go to prestigesecuritydoors.com, or visit Prestige’s showroom at 600 E. Sheldon Street in Prescott for a no-cost consultation.