By Tara Fort

As a Michigan native with family in Sedona, Sheri Heiney had the long-term goal to live and work in Prescott.  Now, energized and fulfilled as a Prescott resident and celebrating her third year as President & CEO of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, Heiney leads her team with her 28 years of experience in the Chamber Industry as a whole. Heiney says, “I enjoy the opportunity to help local businesses and our community every day, and what better place to do so than from our historic downtown office on Goodwin Street, across from the Courthouse Plaza.”  Heiney says, “Although I enjoy everything about Prescott, the downtown is the heart of the community. My favorite part of the historic location is the Courthouse that sits proudly in the middle of the Square, surrounded by trees and the park setting for all to enjoy. My family has already created many fond family memories since we moved here.”

The Chamber headquarters boasts a building that was purchased in 1964 and refurbished through the support of the community in the summer of 1981. Heiney adds, “Our building is one of the oldest standing in the downtown area and was originally a jail. My office was the actual jail cell!”  The work of the Chamber is markedly highlighted by the comprehensive state-designated Visitor Information Center that provides newcomers and area residents with information about Prescott and surrounding communities. Heiney adds, “More than 30,000 come through our front doors annually to find out about Prescott!”  With over 1,000 Chamber members, the Prescott Chamber ranks in the top sector as #9 in the state.  She adds, “The Chamber is a significant asset to the community by providing leadership and events, maintaining its interest in helping businesses succeed and offering a wide range of programs and events for all ages and generations to enjoy and appreciate.”  To maintain its presence and operations during COVID, Heiney cites the collaboration with other Chambers and says,  “We partnered with other Chambers and stakeholders to collect data from our business community to assist the political decision-makers in creating the stimulus programs for businesses.  We also partnered with the City of Prescott and the Yavapai Health Department to host and participate in virtual seminars and webinars, which we continue to host.”  With many strategic area goals and projected influences over the next three years, Heiney is optimistic about the mission of the Prescott Chamber and says,  “By offering value and engagement opportunities for members, we will be able to continue establishing a leadership role in economic and tourist development while remaining our presence as a visible community resource for everyone living and doing business in the area.”