The town creates four focus areas to develop a robust economy,  benefitting community members and businesses

During recent months, the Prescott Valley Town Council, the Town Manager, and key staff members recently had a collaborative strategic planning session where they determined four main focus areas for the Town moving forward: High-Performing Team, Water Stewardship, Quality of Life, and a Prosperous Community.

“The Town Council of Prescott Valley fully understands the benefit of having a robust economy and wants to see more happening in the realm of tourism for Prescott Valley,” said Cutter Chamberlain, Assistant to the Town Manager.

Each focus area includes a set of goals. Town staff members are assigned to these goals and will regularly update the Town Manager on progress.

In the Prosperous Community focus area, one goal is to increase the town’s tourism-related activities. An internal committee focused on the overall marketing to drive outside traffic to the area will not only benefit the local business owners but will also increase the local sales tax revenue for the town. Cutter is the lead on this task and his co-lead is LaToya Muse, who is currently the Relations Assistant for the Town of Prescott Valley.

The town’s tourism committee has already started brainstorming sessions and gathering content for future marketing campaigns and plans to focus on what Prescott Valley currently can offer its visitors. These include events throughout the year, options for shopping, parks, trails, and other outdoor spaces. The goal: to showcase what Prescott Valley has to offer now, such as concerts at the Findlay Toyota Center, to grow interested in Prescott Valley. Artists the town has hosted include Toby Keith, Justin Moore, and REO Speedwagon. With the popularity of concerts at the Findlay Toyota Center, the tourism committee hopes to increase foot traffic in the downtown area.

Right now, the committee is building an archive of media content to help market the area to both locals and visitors. With a strong marketing plan, Prescott Valley is certain to see that increase in sales tax revenue that the Town Council is looking for. Of course, this won’t happen overnight; it will take time to build and implement that plan while highlighting events currently happening in town.

The committee will work closely with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure the proper messaging is being put out for people outside the area to see.

Tourism is a good thing for communities and the businesses that reside in the area will benefit immensely. Our goal is to drive some of the traffic off Highway 69 and up from the valley to give that traffic various options for things to do in our town. Prescott Valley already has a unique draw, and the committee will really be focused on showcasing that uniqueness.