Celebrating Ten Years in Business and Promoting Women’s Empowerment

By Tara Fort

What once started out as a dream of owning a small women’s clothing store and a way to connect with her daughter, Jamie Goeringer, Owner of SMARTGirls Resale Fashion, can hardly believe it’s been ten years since she opened her doors. Those in the community and throughout Arizona have come to know and love the staff and offerings of SMARTGirls, a business meticulous about the quality of items they accept and making everyone feel at home right from the start. Looking back, Goeringer states, “The store is way bigger than we ever dreamed it would be! Once we started, my dream of owning a small store lasted about five months! Our anniversary is December 1. To commemorate our ten years, we’ll be celebrating all month long!”

Goeringer started her business with her daughter JoAnn Golleher who left the business to raise and home-school her three small children with her husband, Matt. Both women assert that the mission of SMARTGirls was always to value women by making them feel special. Says Goeringer, “When women feel unvalued they allow others to walk all over them. We want to change that by making women know they are priceless and worth fighting for, just like in the fairytales!”  She adds, “We opened our store with a theme song, “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath and we’ve carried on that vision of women’s empowerment the entire ten years.”  Broadening their services for perfection and distinction, the store also offers personal styling and shopping, concierge pick up at no charge within 35 miles, and estate services.

Goeringer says it’s her customers who make her job so easy, “I love doting on women. I love to watch their eyes light up as they realize they are worthy of love! I love that I get to make new friends every day in this business.  The clothing is great, but it’s the women who make up Smartgirls.”  Stephanie Fricke, long-time customer of SMARTGirls says, “I have been consigning and shopping with SMARTGirls since they opened. The friendly atmosphere makes it a welcome place to shop.  Everything is organized and easy to find, and the store continues to evolve and bring fun events to their customers.  Jamie herself is a vital part of this community. She creates events that showcase women veterans and breast cancer survivors and is a friend to all.” The store also supports the Coalition for Compassion and Justice with their clothing donations.

With six employees, an eBay store and more clothes flowing in and out of the store than one can imagine, Goeringer is living her dream—which just happens to include being surrounded by beautiful clothes! And, coming up on ten years of running a successful business, it is hard to believe there is any free time.  But, as many strong and capable women do, the juggling act for Goeringer continues effortlessly by prioritizing what she values most—spending time with her grandchildren and husband. Goeringer serves on the Hope Still Floats Planning committee fundraiser to support the Family Advocacy Center, an organization dedicated to providing safe and supportive environments to victims of abuse. She is also a member of the Roundtable of Women in Business, a group that meets quarterly to focus on building relationships with like-minded women and supporting them in business and in life.

As the founding member of the Roundtable of Women in Business, Goeringer spearheaded the Deserving Woman Award three years ago—a recognition that honors a woman in the community who loves and serves selflessly. What started out as a small idea, Goeringer brought the idea of the award up to the Roundtable group, and they loved it! Goeringer says, “Our vision is to honor the hard-working women in our community and to celebrate the women who lead by example in life and in love. The Deserving Woman is a silent servant in the community, and within her circle of family and friends.”

Now in their third year, the Deserving Woman Award was pleased to honor the 2018 recipient

Tamara Kumphmiller (pictured above). Tamara and her husband work full time and are the parents of three small children under the age of seven, including one with special needs. Home schooling the two oldest, the person who nominated Tamara says, “Tamara gives one hundred percent of her family, sacrificing her needs for those of her kids, she is amazing in so many ways, and more loving and kind than I could put on paper.” Goeringer says, “We’ve discovered that many women who are nominated are women who give until there is no more to give—and then they give some more.”  Robin Binkley, a Roundtable member who also serves on the Deserving Woman committee with Goeringer states, “This distinction is granted to just one woman a year nominated by her peers as a woman who exemplifies someone who tirelessly gives… to her family, her church, her community. This is a woman you won’t typically find in the spotlight. These women are the unsung heroes of our community and it’s important that we take the time to say, ‘You are special, we recognize that, and we thank you.’”  Kumphiller was honored in a day tailor made just for her, creating a true day to remember.   

To join the Roundtable of Women in Business, or to nominate next year’s Deserving Woman, visit www.deservingwomeanday.com. To find out more about consigning and shopping at SMARTGirls, visit www.smartgirlsfashion.com. The store is located at 6616 East 2nd Street, Suite F in Prescott Valley.