Tips to Freshen Up Your New Escape—Your Yard

By Josh Crothers, Prescott Landscape Professionals

After the year we’ve all had, it’s nice to look forward to fresh starts, and spring is the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings. Last year we all ventured outside more, and this year will be no different. The outside has become our new escape—and this is a good thing! But what does your landscape look like? Do you have a nice area to retreat to? Are you wanting to liven up your yard with boulders, new plantings, or a water feature? Maybe it’s time to get started on that fresh start!

First, as we transition into warmer months, adjust your irrigation controller to increase the amount of water you use and adjust your start time to run earlier. This way your landscape will make maximum use of the water.

After a long winter nap, your plants will need food to wake up to warmer temperatures. I recommend a spring/summer fertilizer to feed your plants and trees. Because of the beautifully unique climate in the highlands, residences feature everything from desert xeriscapes to alpine landscapes; each has its own unique needs. The right fertilizer can help you get things growing.

What about adding new plants or trees to your overall landscape? Spring is the perfect time for planting. We find that there’s nothing better than seeing what your yard’s potential can be. That’s why our design and build department loves to create before-and-after computer-generated designs.  Selecting what type of trees are best for shade or screening, or which blooming colors work best can be difficult. But with expert horticultural help, the right trees and shrubs can be determined based on slope, sunlight and water distribution. And of course, getting the recommendations on the right amount of fertilizer, so they can grow to a ripe old age.

When the weather warms, we hope you can get out and enjoy your yard for the next several months. There’s nothing like the natural environment to help keep you healthy.

Happy Spring!

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