Photos by Blushing Cactus Photography

Stephy Leigh’s original songs come from an eclectic background. She is a jazz and classically trained trumpet player from small-town Ohio, turned singer-songwriter and music teacher. Her unique voice has been compared to artists such Loretta Lynn, Ellie King, Wanda Jackson, and Gillian Welch. She is a little country, a little soul, and a lot of heart. Stephy plays the trumpet in one of Arizona’s only 1920s Hot Jazz bands, King Copper. She is proud to not only represent Prescott’s ever-growing Americana music scene, but also to be able to inspire future generations of songwriters and players to do the same.

Bands: Stephy Leigh & the Lullaby League; King Copper Jazz Band
Genre: Americana / Indie / Country / Soul / Jazz
Influences: Townes Van Zandt, Aretha Franklin, Gillian Welch, Michael Jackson, Billie Holiday, Dolly Parton, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Aesop Rock, Herbie Hancock, Orphan Annie, Chopin.
Venues: The Raven, The Attic, Founding Fathers, The Birdcage, Courthouse Square, Hassayampa, Superstition Meadery