Prescott’s Newest Addition to Assisted Living Options

By Tara Fort

Many locals know Debbie Krupnick, and her husband Kurt, as local healthcare providers.  Soon, the Krupnicks and their friends will open Summit Senior Living, a unique concierge-model assisted living home located in Prescott. A vision of Debbie Krupnick and childhood friend Dana Marti, the team brings their collective experience to the operations. Dana (who is a CPA) will manage the financial aspects, her husband John (a retired New York police officer) will oversee property management, and the Krupnicks will offer the healthcare component and serve as Primary Care Provider if the resident chooses. Friends for over 50 years, Krupnick says about Marti, “As little girls living on Stuyvesant Drive in our New York neighborhood, we rode the bus to school together and used to say that when we grew up, we would be nurses and marry policemen and live in Florida!” Not too far from those dreams, Krupnick became a nurse, Marti married a policeman, but, Krupnick adds, “Neither of us lives in Florida!”

From a personal perspective, this project is an important mission for Marti, who has an added responsibility of caring for her mother who lives in New Jersey and suffers from dementia.  She says, “Through my experience in dealing with the issues my mother is going through, I understand the unique needs of caregivers, and what we can offer when caring for an elderly parent who is losing the ability to provide self-care on their own.”  As such, the Summit Senior Living team will bring a collective experience for well-rounded care. The home will offer private and semi-private rooms for a maximum of ten residents and implement the concierge-style of around-the-clock accessibility to medical care for the residents—a component that many families will find reassuring. With an expected opening date in late 2020 or early 2021, Summit Senior Living is currently accepting applications for residency.

While the couples hope to expand to additional assisted living homes in the future, they have a true vision for what they hope to accomplish in this initial venture and are excited to see what the future unfolds. “The premise of Summit Senior Living is that just because a person needs help with activities of daily living and meals does not mean a person has to stop living! We would like to help make ‘the rest of their lives be the best of their lives.’ We feel fortunate to have purchased property that brings the dimension we want in making this home a comfortable residence for all. This home will serve as a sanctuary and is gated and private. The grounds have two acres of the fenced yard and we envision adding a garden and a walkabout. Summit Senior Living will provide a place of luxury with peaceful senior living nestled at the base of Granite Mountain.”

For more information about Summit Senior Living, Prescott’s newest Concierge Assisted Living Home, call 928-899-8415 or email: . Tours are available upon request.