Prescott Complete Care, a new primary care facility, aims to offer holistic care people can count on

By Sierra Herrera

At Prescott Complete Care, people can expect nothing short of excellence. It was founded around the philosophy of treating the whole person—to address immediate concerns and the bigger picture of a person’s health—and on the principle of excellent care and communication.

Zachary Leonard, PA-C and Kaia Kordosky-Herrera, PA-C, opened Prescott Complete Care after noticing healthcare in Prescott was missing something. Prescott has plenty of specialists, but Zachary and Kaia saw there were limited options for general practitioners.

“Primary care providers in our area are either retiring, moving away, or booked out several months for new appointments,” Zach said. “We want to give the community care they can count on.”

To that end, Prescott Complete Care embodies the health philosophy to treat the whole person and address all needs. In other words, to take healthcare full circle.

Kaia said, “Primary care is about addressing the patient as a whole person as opposed to just money and numbers.”

A common misconception with primary care medicine is that it’s only for “simple stuff.” However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Primary care is the starting point for all your healthcare needs.

As Zachary explained, it is “where you go before you get sick and need to seek expensive hospital care.”

Primary care acts as a hub between various specialists to coordinate your care and navigate the complexities of our healthcare system. Most importantly, primary care is about creating continuity of care. This means when your provider builds a relationship with you over the long term, understanding your health history and habits, it increases the likelihood you’ll receive a current diagnosis and treatment.

“We want you to feel taken care of,” Kaia emphasized.

That’s why she and Zachary founded their practice on a simple principle: getting to know patients on a personal level, through excellent communication.

Zachary and Kaia both understand how frustrating it is when you have questions about your healthcare and communication with your doctor falls short. At Prescott Complete Care, every patient can expect nothing less than excellent communication with their provider. Especially if you leave a message when calling, it is guaranteed you will receive a call back to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

It’s the mission of everyone at Prescott Complete Care to ensure every patient feels heard and understood and informed on the medical decisions that are being made and why. The providers are focused on the bigger picture of each patient’s health. Zachary or Kaia give every patient personalized attention discussing past medical history, immediate medical needs, future goals, and prevention tactics.

And, to ensure every patient is as comfortable as possible, Zachary and Kara designed their family practice with a modern, clean, and comfortable setting.

“No one likes to sit in a stuffy doctor’s office,” Zachary said, “so we tried to create a space that was friendly and bright.”

Cool blue hues, modern finishes, and exam rooms decorated with beautiful art pieces greet patients and guests. The drive to the facility is beautiful, regardless of the direction, whether it be through the Prescott Dells, passing by Prescott’s famous Watson Lake, or driving through the green Prescotts Lakes golf course. And, the facility features ample parking, so coming and going is an easy and relaxing experience.

Zachary and Kara’s goal is to focus on convenience and ensure that people’s immediate and bigger-picture concerns are addressed.

They treat chronic and complex conditions, and they also perform several procedures including joint injections, laceration repair, wound care, and biopsies. Prescott Complete Care offers late office hours, which ensures patients don’t have to miss school or work to receive exceptional care. If coming to the office is a challenge, they offer telemedicine which is quick and convenient for any schedule.

Zachary, who has lived in Prescott for eight years, fell in love with the scenery and community and feels he has found his forever home.

“I know it sounds cliché,” he said. “But Prescott really is everybody’s hometown.”

Zachary is involved in the community and is most well-known for his annual participation in Dancing for the Stars to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arizona. With never-ending sunshine and an abundance of outdoor activities here, he grew his love of fitness and adventure and even tried out for Olympic bobsledding in 2019. In his free time, Zachary enjoys listening to today’s hits so he can “keep up with the latest tunes,” and indulges in his guilty pleasure, 80’s music. Zachary is also a talented artist; in fact, he painted all of the art pieces inside Prescott Complete Care.

Zachary said, “As much as I have adopted this community, I feel like this community also adopted me.”

Kaia is an Arizona native, and she lived in Prescott for six years. As a child, she participated in summer camps in Prescott—and always knew that someday she would call Prescott home. Kaia has three children and one grandchild. Before finding her way to medicine, Kaia was a teacher, which she feels allows her to better educate her patients on their own health and well-being.

She believes that “If people understand the reasoning behind the recommendations, they can be educated on their health and are more likely to choose healthier options for themselves.”

In her free time, Kaia enjoys hiking, kayaking, biking (just about anything outdoors), and she is currently training to compete in her second bodybuilding competition. Kaia played roller derby for five years on Prescott’s own Whiskey Rollers and participates annually in the statewide Tough Mudder. She is so thankful to be given the opportunity to live out her childhood dream of living in Prescott.

Kaia said, “Whether it’s walking around the square or participating in the endless outdoor activities, the community is the reason I came to Prescott.”

Prescott Complete Care is at 1947 Commerce Center Circle in Prescott. For more information, visit or call 928.237.1787.