Bio-identical hormone pellets provide anti-aging benefits and relief from hormone imbalance

Hormone optimization via bio-identical hormone pellets offers myriad benefits: it’s an anti-aging modality, it slows down bone loss, decreases osteoarthritis and facial wrinkles, and more.  That’s why hormone pellets have become increasingly popular in the past few years.

While anyone at any age can be a candidate for this treatment, those who benefit most from it are post-menopausal women, who encounter numerous health issues once their sex hormone levels drop. Optimizing these hormones, specifically Estradiol, Testosterone, and Progesterone, can significantly enhance a patient’s quality of life.

Put simply, according to Dr. Kaveh Karandish, also known as Dr. K., a Biote-certified physician at Thumb Butte Medical Center, the process entails checking a patient’s sex hormone levels, using specific Biote algorithms to calculate their needs, and then choosing the right combination of hormone pellets. The patient then comes into the office for a simple, five- to ten-minute procedure where the medical team inserts these pellets under the patient’s skin. Doctors recheck the patient’s hormone levels in 30-45 days to ensure they have reached optimal levels; if not, we will adjust and give you a booster if necessary.

The treatment takes place every three or four months for females and every six months for males. Dr. Ka. and his staff also look at each patient’s other hormones and can optimize those if necessary.

Dr. K. is a Biote-certified physician with years of experience in this field. The practitioners at Thumb Butte Medical Center currently serve more than 200 patients who are benefiting from hormone pellets.

Improvement in bone density—about eight percent per year—is one of the major benefits of hormone optimization via hormone pellet therapy. This is crucial as osteoporosis is a very significant problem in aging female patients in Prescott.

Other benefits include improved stamina, sex drive, energy, exercise tolerance, improved sleep and focus, better skin quality, less joint pain, enhanced mood and the list goes on …

Dr. K. and his experienced nurse, Sole, would love to offer readers a free consultation to go over the full scope of this program and determine whether they’re a great candidate for this treatment.

Interestingly, Dr. K. has also used this modality as part of his weight loss program, which has attracted lots of interest in his practices. It’s usually more difficult for women to lose weight than it is for men, because women have less testosterone than men, Dr. K., said, so using hormones in a weight-loss program is a very simple philosophy.

For more information and to book a free consultation, please contact Thumb Butte Medical at 928.830.8151.