Five Healthy Habits to Inspire You in 2020

Are you ready to make 2020 your best year ever? Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) recommends the following five healthy habits to inspire you to make the New Year the best year.

  1. Get your preventive screenings.

Preventive screenings can detect illness early, when it’s most treatable. The screenings you need will depend on your health history and age. Use these recommendations to jumpstart a conversation with your healthcare provider:

  • Ages 18-39 – Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar checks are part of an annual exam. Routine pelvic exams and pap smears will screen for cervical cancer and other conditions.
  • Ages 40-65 – Mammograms, to screen for breast cancer, are recommended annually for women starting at age 40. When you reach 50, your healthcare provider will also recommend a colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer.
  • Age 65 and older – Bone density screenings, to check for bone loss which can lead to fractures, typically begin at age 65 or younger, depending on your health history.

Remember to get regular dental and eye exams, as well as updated immunizations.

  1. Eat healthy.

In 2020, let’s all eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein. Remember to hydrate throughout the day for energy and to manage cravings.

YRMC’s Your Healthy Kitchen offers nutritious, delicious and affordable meal ideas. Get inspired at

  1. Get active.

Work, family obligations, and lack of energy can prevent you from getting in regular workouts. If the gym isn’t for you, get creative. Try walking during your lunch break, stretching while watching TV, or riding your bike to run that errand.

Has it been a while since you’ve exercised? Ease into a routine. You may also want to talk to your healthcare provider.

  1. Manage stress and nurture your mental health.

Taking care of your mental health is another piece of the health puzzle. Calming practices like meditation and deep breathing are as important as taking time for yourself and talking with a friend. Identify your stressors and take action to reduce them.

  1. Catch your ZZZs.

Getting enough quality sleep is critical for mental, emotional, and physical health. When you sleep, your brain and body repair and rebuild. You learn better, feel better, and even build muscle. So, turn off those screens, unwind to calming music, and get some rest.

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