Delivering Memories (and lots of adorable babies)

By Bridget O’Gara

Photos by Danny Turner


he team at the Family Birthing Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC), Prescott Valley, is fond of saying they deliver memories.

Prescott Valley residents Jocelyn and Brian Bucholtz agree. They’ve stored up happy memories from their two experiences at the Family Birthing Center: the birth of daughter, Brooklyn, who is now five years old, and the birth of their son, Cooper, who is now two.

“We especially remember our nurse Loleita,” said Jocelyn. “She was just so happy. She was very engaged in talking directly to Cooper, even though he was a little newborn. He was crying and she would comfort him and say, ‘It’s not so bad.’”

In fact, it was “awesome,” according to Jocelyn and Brian.

An Awesome Experience

The couple’s experience with YRMC’s Family Birthing Center began long before Brooklyn or Cooper took their first breaths, or produced their first, boisterous cries. After research and conversations with friends, Jocelyn and Brian selected YRMC’s Family Birthing Center and Women’s Medical Care, PC, as their providers.

Adam Feingold, MD, FACOG, of Women’s Medical Care, was Jocelyn’s obstetrician. With offices in Prescott and Prescott Valley, the Women’s Medical Care team also includes Luis Fernandez, MD, FACOG – who delivered both Brooklyn and Cooper – and Mary Hogan, MD, FACOG.

“We instantly liked Dr. Feingold and his calm demeanor. He always took time with us during prenatal appointments,” Jocelyn said. “The staff was accommodating and kind. We were on a first-name basis with everyone.”

Added Brian, “And we were both confident in Dr. Fernandez. He was supportive, professional and personable during both deliveries.”

Building a Birth Plan

The couple also tapped many of the resources available at the Family Birthing Center. They attended Family Birth Classes together and Jocelyn joined a breastfeeding class led by YRMC’s lactation consultant.

“Our Family Birth Classes empower women by providing information,” said Lynn Daugherty, RN, Nursing Director of the Family Birthing Center. “Moms learn that they have control over the birth experience, which allows each woman to define her own birth experience.”

A woman’s birth plan typically evolves during pregnancy. Most include, for example, who will be in the room during delivery and how the woman intends to manage pain. While prenatal visits include important health checks for mom and baby, Dr. Fernandez also makes sure there’s time to discuss birth plans, ask questions, and even express fears.

“First time moms are almost always accompanied by one, two or three people during prenatal visits,” Dr. Fernandez said. “This is great because they will have questions as well. This is one of my favorite things about what I do—meeting families, getting to know children, husbands, partners, and parents.”

That same support group is welcome at YRMC’s Family Birthing Center during labor and delivery.

“Moms need support,” said Daugherty, “and each mom gets to decide who that support needs to be for her. It can be a significant other, husband, partner, coach, all of the above or other special people selected by mom.”

Ready for the Unexpected

It’s this open and caring attitude – coupled with experienced nurses, excellent physicians and exceptional healthcare services – that distinguishes YRMC’s Family Birthing Center.

“The Family Birthing Center has what’s called a ‘laborist’ program,” Dr. Fernandez said. “There’s a physician at the Family Birthing Center around-the-clock. It’s the standard-of-care across the country, but our program is unique because our laborists are also community obstetricians. I think this is a great benefit to our community.”

Another benefit is the Family Birthing Center’s Level II Continuing Care Nursery. The Center’s perinatal services – care provided to moms and babies – is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and certified through the Arizona Perinatal Trust. This allows the Family Birthing Center to care for high-risk moms and their babies at 32 weeks and greater.

“We’re absolutely determined that every woman should have control over her birth experience,” said Dr. Fernandez. “But, if there is an unexpected complication and time is of the essence we are ready to provide the high-level care baby and mom need without being transported.”

Jocelyn and Brian were relieved their children arrived without any complications.

“I feel privileged that the Family Birthing Center is right here in our community and our babies were delivered there,” Jocelyn said.

Another beautiful memory to cherish, thanks to the Family Birthing Center at YRMC.