The Owner of NaturaBella Focuses on Natural Health to Enhance Intrinsic Beauty

By Megan Yakovich

Twelve years ago, micropigmentation specialist Jennifer Burns followed her heart to make a medical difference by founding NaturaBella—Northern Arizona’s premier source for Microblading and permanent cosmetics.

Inspired by her mother, Jennifer set out to help people increase their self-esteem and confidence by bringing out their natural beauty.

“This isn’t all just cosmetic,” Jennifer said. “I love helping men, women, and children with thyroid issues, alopecia, scarring, baldness, and nipple reconstruction for breast cancer survivors.”

Jennifer offers the nipple reconstruction procedure free of charge. She also offers first responders, nurses, teachers and real estate agents a professional discount on all her services, as a way or fulfilling her mission to help others.

With a focus on natural health from the inside out, Jennifer helps people achieve a natural look that enhances intrinsic beauty.

Take a look at the three most popular procedures Jennifer performs:

Microblading: The hottest, most cutting-edge brow trend in America, microblading is a permanent cosmetic tattoo technique that uses a manual pen to penetrate the top layer of skin with pigment. Resulting in a realistic and dimensional brow consisting of fine hair-like strokes (instead of a “block of color”), Jennifer said this is the new, easy way to shape the perfect, soft, natural-looking brow.

Full Shading of the Lips: As we age, we lose pigment in our skin. Full shading is a method for replacing the lips’ natural rosebud color.

The Surfer Girl Combo: Inspired by her time living in Hawaii, Jennifer created this popular combination of services, which includes Microblading, upper eyeliner, and lash enhancement. (And there are no harsh lines, here, she said. Rather, individual tiny dots are placed between the eyelash follicles for a full, lush line.)

Jennifer shared some tips for people who are interested in permanent cosmetics to choose the right artist:

“First and foremost, look for an experienced artist,” she said. “Find someone who has at least five years working in this specific field. Also ask about his or her certification and training, as this industry isn’t regulated as strongly as it could be.”

Second, Jennifer said it’s important to ask for before and after photos of clients the artist has worked on him/herself, and ask if you can contact those clients for verification.

Third, “Your artist should always take a full medical and health history,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer said her medical background—18 years in the dental/oral surgery field—adds to her expertise. “I’m very used to working on the face. I have mastered the process of measuring bone structure, as certain features determine the best mapping for facial structures.”

Jennifer also stressed the importance of ruling out any medical issues that would affect permanent cosmetic procedures, like Rosacea, Keloid, and bleeding disorders.

Finally, Jennifer said, “Cheaper is NOT always better. Pricing should be based on an artist’s quality of work and experience. Remember, oftentimes you get what you pay for, and your face is too important to risk.”

For a limited time, Jennifer is offering $100.00 off Microblading. Schedule a no-cost consultation with her now at 808.320.0117.