By Hilary Dartt

Terri Harrington was a little uncertain about buying SMARTgirls Resale Fashion earlier this year when the previous owner, Jamie Goeringer, said she was selling and that she’d thought of Terri first.

“It scared me,” Terri said. “I thought, ‘I can’t do this.’”

She’d earned a degree in fashion merchandising before she got married and had kids—but she’d spent the past two decades raising children and working jobs that fit their schedule. Before the summer of 2018, she worked in the school cafeteria for 13 years.

Slowly, she came around to the idea of buying SMARTgirls.

“Some people came to me and said, ‘I know you can do this,’ and ‘I think this is for you,’ and after a lot of prayer, it seemed like the right thing to do.”

Seven months later, Terri said she believes she’s in exactly the right place.

“It’s a total God thing,” she said. “I raised children and did all that, and things came back around. Now I can do something for myself again.”

And while owning the store is something for Terri, she wants to make sure it continues to be what Jamie originally dreamed it would be (and built it into): a place where women can come when they need a hug, where they can “feel beautiful, loved on, and cared about, no matter what’s going on in their life.”

With that in mind, Terri plans to offer some new special events starting this fall. Visit the store’s website for more information.

Five Fashion Trends for this Fall

Terri outlined the following popular trends, adding that the best ones are those that make people feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.

Eighties fashions are back.

From bib overalls to shoulder pads and combat boots to turtlenecks, Terri said, today’s women are wearing modern versions of popular trends from three decades ago. Consider wearing a solid-color tee under overalls, and pair them with combat boots. Wear turtlenecks or tie-neck blouses with blazers.

Crop tops—worn tastefully—are in.

Terri said anyone can wear them. While Madonna and Cyndi Lauper made the midriff-baring tops popular years ago, today’s rendition can be worn in different lengths: some that show skin, and others that don’t.

High-waisted pants accentuate a woman’s beautiful curves. 

Terri said high-waisted pants are meant to look comfortable as they hug the curves of a woman’s body (wearing them too tight is a fashion faux pas). Keep in mind that the high waist, itself, is meant to be shown off. Wear these pants with tops that tuck in, crop tops, and belts.

Chunky chain necklaces are making a statement.

From simple link chains to intricate, detailed ones, chunky chain necklaces have hit the scene in a variety of metal types, colors, and textures. Terri said these necklaces are best worn with a crew neck or rounded neckline, or with a collared top. Avoid large patterns.

Headbands and hairpins make an excellent adornment.

We’re not talking the simple bobby pins and plastic headbands of yesteryear. Hairpins come in a variety of sizes and shapes and with words and other decorations on them. Headbands are available in many widths and materials, designed for function and form.

Footwear: comfort and style go hand in hand.

Locally, Terri said, most women shop for comfort when it comes to shoes. This year, chunky sneakers in bright colors are big. So are sandals that people can wear socks with. Not just any socks will do, though: show off interesting, unique, and personal patterns. People can buy socks that go with almost any interest, from food to career to hobby.

In every season, Terri said, she wants the women of this community to know that everyone who walks through the doors of SMARTgirls is a friend. She said, “We’re here for the women in the community.”

About SMARTgirls: Located at 6616 E. 2nd Street, Suite F in Prescott Valley. Call 928.772.1227 or visit If you’d like to become a SMARTgirls consignor, visit to read guidelines on what the store is accepting and how to make an appointment.