New Bridal Suite at Lynx Creek Farm Provides a Tranquil Setting to Prepare for the Big Moment

By Hilary Dartt

While saying “I do” is unarguably the most important part of a bride’s day, the hours leading up to that moment—as she prepares, surrounded by those closest to her and the magic of anticipation—take a close second.

That’s why Wendy and Greg Temple, the owners of Lynx Creek Farm, recently decided to add a bridal suite … to give brides a special place to prepare, physically and mentally, for the big day and the big moment

“They can relax, get their hair and makeup done, and make a toast before they walk down the aisle,” said Wendy. “Some girls dream about their wedding day from the time they’re little. They dream about every detail. Part of that dream is getting ready … walking into a room to get into that gown for real. It’s a big deal.”

Wendy said the 500-square-foot bridal suite provides “the ultimate pre-game experience for brides.”

It’s the ultimate in comfort and practicality, featuring velvet couches, counter seating with mirrors, high wall hooks (so dresses can hang without touching the floor), a full bathroom with a shower, lush green plants, a full-length mirror, and a vaulted ceiling. The Temples keep it stocked with hair spray, bobby pins, a sewing kit, safety pins, straight pins, a Tide pen, breath mints, first aid essentials, deodorant, lint-free wipes, masking and double-sided tape, and a steamer.

Brides have the option of having snacks and drinks stocked, too, to ensure everyone is fueled and hydrated.

Plus, thanks to south- and west-facing windows, the afternoon lighting is just about perfect for those getting-ready photos.

“It’s everything a bride needs to feel super beautiful on her wedding day,” Wendy said, “in a beautiful, tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.”

“Even preparing for fun events can be stressful,” she added, “and my aim is to ease that stress and give that pre-game an extra boost.”

Couples have the option to rent out the entire property for the full weekend. This allows them to arrive Friday evening, enjoy time with friends and family, set up Saturday for an evening wedding, and then relax, sleepover, and take everything down Sunday. (Couples can get married any day of the week with a two-night minimum booking.)

Wendy and Greg started offering weddings (and other events) on their 30-acre, mountain-views property three years ago; their son Grant and his bride, Sofia, were the first to get married there. Another family friend tied the knot there the same year. Two years ago, after lots of improvements and additions to the property, Lynx Creek Farm was the site of 11 weddings, and last year, 20. So far, they’ve booked 17 weddings for 2022.

It’s a family affair: Wendy and Greg’s daughter Raphael is the in-house coordinator, and their younger son, Harris, often tends bar during weddings. When Grant retires from the Air Force, for which he’s a pilot, he plans to return to Prescott to join in.

Wendy said she couldn’t be more pleased. “All of my kids want to be part of this farm and this dream,” she said. “We all get along and we want to be together and work together. It’s wonderful.”

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