A wildlife sanctuary called Heaven on Earth now offers both weddings and movie set locations amidst some of the most gorgeous scenery in the Granite Dells.

Couples may be married in a breathtaking variety of settings in Heaven on Earth’s private canyon with spectacular views of the cliffs above. Couples may choose to betroth aside the pond or pool, on a deck or lawn beneath tall trees, even on a rooftop, a mountaintop, or inside a seasonal white wedding dome tent. Each setting features dramatic views. Plus, winding flagstone trails, fruit trees and granite outcrops create magnificent one-of-a-kind photo opportunities.

The accommodations at Heaven on Earth are comprised of two new custom stone homes, the “Cliff Castle” and the “Swiss Chalet.” Both homes were hand-built by the caretakers, Happy and John, from locally hewn, pastel flagstones that blend in with the Granite Dells.

Many years ago, the caretakers designated the splendid landscape surrounding the two retreat-like homes as a wildlife sanctuary.  They delight in sharing the surreal beauty and dramatic vistas with friends, family and hikers who walk, ride and bicycle by, enjoying the trail they built that connects to the spectacular Granite Gardens Trails system.

Consequently, rather than the proposed developments moving in, these days a roadrunner, a bobcat and a puma live there. Additional roving residents include raccoons, deer, woodpeckers, great horned owls and a hawk that roosts most nights in a tall tree above.

“We take stewardship of the land seriously, because, due to its exceptional beauty, this land could have been designated as a national park. So, we are quite selective in inviting only small-scale weddings and movie productions,” said Happy.

John added, “To prevent scaring away our furry friends, we invite only intimate celebrations and family-friendly movies such as gentle romances, light comedies, educational films, quieter Disneyworld-like adventures, inspirational films, and lip-synced music videos to film here rather than films with any violence or loud noises.”

Historically, the Granite Dells was a hot spot for movies and celebrations. A quick glimpse at local history reveals that more movies were once filmed in the Granite Dells than in all of Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley combined. What inspired so many directors to film their movies in the Dells?

The Granite Dells is a geographic fantasyland that answers many people’s inner calling for wildness with a special, added southwestern charm.

Though the Grand Canyon is old, the Granite Dells formed about 1.4 billion years ago, which makes the Dells about 20 times older than the Grand Canyon.

Considered one of the most dramatic and captivating movie set locations during the 20th century movie-making era of Western films, the Granite Dells is even more alluring today due to the fun 90-minute flight from the nation’s film industry headquarters in Los Angeles to Prescott’s airport on the north end of the Dells.

Since weddings and movies usually cost a fraction of a similar celebration or set location in California, both locals and those from afar are choosing Heaven on Earth in the Granite Dells for their special occasions.

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