One local couple creates a unique wedding straight from a music festival.

Elizabeth Felo is a medical office manager and singer/songwriter, and has performed across the country as a solo artist as well as with various different bands. Her husband, Jeff Felo, is a laser artist, skateboarder and break-dancer. The couple had been close friends for 10 years before they finally decided to tie the knot, and this came as no surprise to anyone that knew them.

When it came time in early 2017 to plan her summer wedding, Elizabeth summoned a group of close friends, and this “committee” naturally decided to create a wedding reminiscent of an outdoor music festival.

Elizabeth and her husband Jeff have attended many music festivals and love the way they get to interact with so many different people. They wanted to re-create that same amazing energy and creative vibe for their own wedding.

Friends compiled ideas and a list of favorite themed stations, such as face and henna painting, would be used to recreate many of the music festivals they have attended, including the Gem & Jam annual event in Tucson, AZ.

Friend Kimberly Osterlund offered the use of a ranch property just outside of Prescott, and she even added a homemade organic wedding cake that was beautiful and delicious.

The theme encouraged guests to dress in costumes, and so they did! Included on the attendance list was a unicorn, a mermaid, madams and much more! One spot, at Prescott Wedfest 2017, was the “de-wompification station,” a super cozy and comfortably furnished space away from the music to unwind.

Elizabeth’s wedding dress was a unique creation of its own. With the help of bridesmaid Christa Mullen and friend Penelope Davis, the three used two up-cycled wedding dresses purchased on eBay for about $25 each. The embellishments were purchased at local craft and thrift stores.

“The entire wedding was basically DIY,” Elizabeth said of the 5/20/2017 wedding day.

The couple relied on many close friends who created homemade decorations to help set the festival atmosphere. Maid of Honor Lee Anna Wallen and bartender Megann Hoffman created beautiful fairy house centerpieces made of Manzanita branches and driftwood.

The sound, stage and music were volunteered by Dirt Assassins Pro Audio of Phoenix.

Performing at the ceremony were local musicians Drew Hall and Anton Teschner. Later in the evening, Elizabeth, Drew and Anton performed a tribute song to Jeff’s father, Ray Felo, who sadly passed away weeks before the wedding.